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Worker applying a 3M firestop product to a through-penetration
Contain the Spread of Fire

Keep fire, smoke and noxious gas from spreading between spaces with 3M's extensive line of through penetration firestop solutions.

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Through Penetrations

  • Through Penetration Products for Every Situation

    Effectively fill spaces caused by pipes and cables traveling between walls with 3M's through penetration products. Whether you need preformed plugs or the flexibility of an expanding foam, sealant or moldable putty, 3M has you covered. Our products are designed with a focus on easy application and excellent adhesion—because when it comes to fire protection, there's no room for doubt.

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Featured Product

  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step

    3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step

    This groundbreaking firestop foam stays put in vertical and horizontal applications without running or sagging. Because it’s a one-step application, there's less product to order, keep track of and haul. Even complex firestop installations—like cable bundles, conduit banks and cable trays—can be finished more than 3X faster, saving time and money. It's UL Listed for a broad range of applications and meets the International Building Code for passive fire protection.

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See 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step in Action

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Help You Can Count On

  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Specifiers and Architects

    Specifiers and Architects

    For complex risk management issues, 3M offers guidance for architects and specifiers, including help with scheduling, quality and cost.




  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Contractors


    We offer assistance to general contractors and sub contractors/installers looking to improve their productivity.

    System Selector

    Estimator Tool

  • 3M Firestop Product Support for Consultants and Code Officials

    Consultants and Code Officials

    We provide tools to assist in providing compliance, conformity and productivity information for completed as-built environments.



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