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Pavement Markings

Pavement Markings

3M offers a full line of durable, high-performance pavement marking solutions for all types of roadway applications designed to guide drivers during the day or night in dry or rainy conditions

Product Categories

  • Durable Pavement Marking Tape

    Durable, preformed reflective tapes for permanent-type applications such as lane and center lines, edge lines, gore markings, crosswalks, stop bars, symbols and legends.
  • Temporary Pavement Marking Tape

    These can help improve safety by marking temporary work zone lanes with removable, highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings.

  • Liquid Pavement Markings

    Designed for use on roadways and highways as a durable pavement marking and can be used for long lines, channelizing lines, gore markings and intersection markings.

  • Raised Pavement Markers

    These durable, highly- reflective markers are impact-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions on asphalt or concrete road surfaces.

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Since 2007, Fargo, N.D. has been working with 3M to implement its 3M™ Stamark™ All Weather Contrast Tape on concrete surfaces and epoxy markings with 3M™ Wet Reflective Elements on asphalt surfaces, on an ongoing, annual basis.


Before the annual program was implemented, Fargo city officials would paint the streets twice a year. Staffers would use a water-based paint, which reportedly didn’t last more than a month or two, meaning roads were poorly marked for months out of the year. Today the wet reflective contrast markings used for concrete and the wet reflective epoxy used on asphalt, all provided by 3M, allow Fargo’s roads to be clearly marked at all hours and even in the most extreme conditions for every day of the year.



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Maine faces some unique challenges when it comes to best serving its drivers. An aging population and a large tourism industry mean clearly marked roadways are particularly important.


The authority had been using pavement markers for about two decades to enhance the reflectivity of the painted lines on its highway. However, according to the director of engineering and building maintenance for the Maine Turnpike Authority “after two years, (the pavement markers) were pretty much useless.” The Maine Turnpike Authority decided to conduct a pilot test of 3M™ Stamark™ Pavement Marking Tape Series 380. Read the case study to see what the Maine Turnpike Authority is doing with road marking tape, and what they’re doing with wet reflective removable tape.



To increase the visibility of its highway signs in the dark, the Maine Turnpike Authority has used 3M sign sheeting almost exclusively for the past 17 years. Read the case study to see the Authority’s plans for guide signs over a five-year period.



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Michigan’s Department of Transportation (MDOT) had been using wet reflective optics in its permanent pavement markings on certain larger construction projects for years when officials decided to establish a standard to require full wet reflectivity in its work zones. MDOT wanted to increase safety and visibility in construction zones, where changing lane assignments combined with rain and darkness can make it difficult to see temporary markings without wet reflective optics.


Read the case study to learn about what led to a guideline mandating the use of temporary wet reflective tape and paint in work zones which went into full effect in 2017, according to MDOT Work Zone Delivery Engineer Chris Brookes.



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