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Meet the Energy Academy Instructors

  • 3M Energy Academy instructor Gary Morris
    Gary Morris

    Gary has a passion for locating.  There are networks of cables, pipes and vaults underground and if Gary does his job right only the few who need to find them will ever know they are there.  He has trained thousands of professionals world-wide over his 13 years at 3M on the principles of locating and the equipment used to identify underground assets.

    In addition to training, Gary works with the market to create better products to improve the locating and marking process.  Over his career he has worked on many roles with telecommunications and energy.  To give back and support the industry he is a member of the Common Ground Alliance.  “While there are many ways to find a pipe, locating is the preferred method.”

  • 3M Energy Academy instructor Robert Hale
    Robert Hale

    Managing boundary conditions is Robert’s focus. He is the 3M Application Engineering responsible for splicing.  No cable can ever be long enough and at some point will most likely require a splice.  As an 8-year 3M veteran, Robert is passionate about creating robust and efficient solutions for our customers.

    He brings a diverse background to his work demonstrating his obsession with details from upgrading the safety of a nuclear power plant to electrical engineering for a major semiconductor manufacturer, all supported by a lifelong interest in mathematics. Robert also works with our industry to train and contributes to the creation of specifications as a member of the National Cable Splicing Certification Board and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards committee for cable accessories (386, 48 and 404).  “At 3M, I get to help create products that our customers rely on to provide their customers the reliability required for energy generation, critical infrastructure and sometimes even the internet.”

  • 3M Energy Academy instructor Sally Grambusch
    Sally Grambusch

    During her 28 years with 3M, Sally’s been able to pursue her deep curiosity about how things work, what makes them break, and how to improve product reliability through design and training. Sally brings a unique, real-world perspective to her work as an Applications Engineering Specialist.

    To understand her breadth of knowledge and experience, you probably need to know that she began her 3M career on the Product Development side of the business That experience gave her the foundation for her work in analyzing field failures as well as to develop the 3M process for conducting a failure analysis. “When you learn how and why things fail in a medium voltage cable accessory, your next step is figuring out how things can be improved.” And that Sally has done. She has led training sessions both at 3M and with customers and partners to show best practices for cable preparation and cable accessory selection and installation.   Additionally, her work in failure analysis has been used to identify product opportunities to both improve our current products and create new products. “I’m a curious person.  I like figuring how and why cable accessories fail and, ultimately, helping our customers understand the root cause of their field failures.”

  • 3M Energy Academy instructor Matt Gehrig
    Matt Gehrig

    Matt is an Application Engineer supporting Cable Accessories.  He is an expert in electrical transmission and has responsibility for our medium voltage terminations. “At 3M, you have the benefit of being both a teacher and student.”  Matt does both well.

    He has formal education in Electrical Engineering and worked in cable manufacturing before joining 3M.  During his time at 3M he has worked with customers and partners to identify products, performed electrical testing on product solutions, and trained on our products.  In his trainings, Matt brings both technical depth and a practical application.  “In order to find answers, you must be willing to ask questions.  There is always something we can learn if we are interested.”  As Matt has worked with our market and customers, he continues to identify ways to streamline and improve what we do. 

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