Hotel reception scene showing a range of FASARA glass finishes used on the walls and desk

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes

Create stunning spaces quickly, easily, sustainably.

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes are decorative glass and window films available in more than 100+ unique designs, patterns, and textures. They offer you, the artist, a new visual dimension with no limits or boundaries. With a sophisticated new collection, FASARA™ Glass Finishes allow you to create a space that captures the world's beauty while maintaining a practical application. Inviting you to celebrate nature and harness natural light on your own terms. Deliver privacy and design, in little time, with little disruption.

3M Glass Finishes used in an office to provide privacy

With 21 new patterns, welcome to endless possibilities.

The new on-trend gradation and natural patterns deliver a beautiful balance between practicality and creativity by tailoring light and shadow, forming a diffusion of light or creating privacy.


New Products

Glass Finishes Simulator

Immerse yourself in the world of 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes and see how they can add a new dimension to your space. All glass finish films are ideal for privacy and decorative applications in offices, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, healthcare environments, and designed for ease of application and cleaning.


Image of a commercial space displaying a center gradation design of FASARA™ glass finishes.

  • Shown Above:

    1. Mist - W
    Center gradation design provides privacy in the middle of the glass


Image of a hotel lobby dispalying multiple options of FASARA™ Glass Finishes.


Image of a cafe displaying multiple options of FASARA™ Glass Finishes.

  • Shown Above:

    1. Pop - S
    Single gradation design provides privacy from the bottom of the glass.

    2. Pop - W
    Center gradation design provides privacy in the middle of the glass


Image of a retail displaying utilizng multiple options of FASARA™ Glass Finishes.


Image of an office conference room using a gradation FASARA™ Glass Finish.

  • Shown Above:

    1. Illumina Seamless - W2
    Center gradation design provides privacy in the middle of the glass

fasara film samples

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