The series of new FASARA Natural patterns laid out for display in a row

Optically Organic


Natural Series

  • Delivering the look and feel of nature to your fingertips, the new Natural Series capture the optically organic essence of the outdoors and bring it into your space. From the enhanced textures reflected in our 'Washi' finishes to the essence of stone created by the speciality matte finishes, the new range of FASARA™ Glass Finishes will add a true sense of nature and other unique surfaces to your space while beautifully expressing light and shadow. With an unparalleled tactile finish, FASARA™ Glass Finishes add light and transparency while delivering a true depth of color, including a rich deep black.


A new series of the popular Japanese paper "washi" design is now available. The Shigure surface has a special matte finish that expresses the delicate fibers of Japanese paper. By varying the matte effect, the natural intonation of the overlapping fibers of washi is expressed which adds a highly textured feel to a space.





A new series of the popular Japanese paper "washi" design is now available. The Fibril surface diffuses light, creating a soft light in the room, which compliments lighting and furniture. It can also be used to create privacy like the Frost & Matte series.



This series combines the fibers of Japanese paper with the brush-strokes of paint. The pattern is more transmissive than Shigure or Fibril and is suitable to softly divide a space.




In recent years, the contemporary and fashionable appearance of terrazzo has been introduced into the market in a variety of forms. The Terrazzo series has a translucent pebble and mortar appearance to add lightness compared to traditional terrazzo.




The Travertine series provides a translucent stone veneer design. This series eliminates the problems associated with traditional stone veneer processing methods and the difficulty in installation due to the brittleness and poor workability of the thin stone material, while maintaining the original design intent.



Image showing group of thumbnails showing where FASARA can be applied including partitions, entrance, windows, corridors, glass railings, stairs, conference rooms and doors

Apply to nearly any glass surface

3M™ Glass Finishes can be easily applied to most new or existing glass surfaces. They require no extra hardware or setup — and no added maintenance or special cleaning. Also, as needs change, these decorative films can be quickly applied and can be removed.

Product group shot showing a range of FASARA glass finishes arranged in a pattern

Feeling is Believing


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