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3M™ Concrete Polishing & Maintenance System


You can finally let your concrete floors shine. The 3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing and Maintenance System effectively cleans, polishes and maintains uncoated concrete floors. It doesn’t rely on coatings, so it’s better for your customers and the environment. The system may reduce the need for major restoration work, so you can improve the gloss and DOI of your floors with less time and effort.

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Explore products in the system:
  • 3M's proprietary floor bristle brushes use flexible bristles that conform to uneven floors or floor irregularities, including low spots in floors. Easy to install with no assembly or presoaking required.

  • These easy to install floor brushes do not require assembly or presoaking and don't have sharp blades you have to worry about. The flexible bristles from 3M's proprietary floor bristle brushes conform to uneven floors.

  • For maximum appearance, choose a daily floor cleaner concentrate with excellent cleaning ability and a densifier to provide improved shine and durability on your uncoated concrete floor.

  • Used for the initial polishing restoration phase, the 3M™ Trizact Abrasive Pads are used to transform a concrete floor form having a surface that is dull and rough to on that is refined and smooth.

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