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A - Z Product Catalog

Information about thousands of 3M products and services is contained within this section. The 3M Product Index lists products alphabetically by trademark and generic descriptor.

Search for Products

You can also search for 3M products and services by using 3M.com Search, or purchase from a growing list of products at Shop 3M.

The products and services listed in this section are available in most regions of the world. Each listing includes a brief description, along with links to more information.

How to Contact 3M

To find out more about any of our products or services, contact the local 3M office nearest to you, or the 3M Product Information Center at:

3M Product Information Center–3M Center
Building 225–3S–06
St. Paul, MN 55144–1000 U.S.A.

Contact Us via E-mail

For 3M contact information in specific countries, see 3M Worldwide.

Market & Brand Sites

Be sure to check out the Market Segments section for additional information about 3M products. The Market Segments section lists products by the major markets 3M serves.

About 3M

Visit Explore 3M for news about our latest products and for general information.