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Transforming spaces. Improving lives. Expanding possibilities.
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Transforming spaces. Improving lives. Expanding possibilities.
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Transforming spaces. Improving lives. Expanding possibilities.
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  • Home
  • Personal Health Care
  • DIY
  • Decorating and Organizing
  • Student
  • Office
  • Crafts
  • Home
  • Personal Health Care
  • DIY
  • Decorating and Organizing
  • Student
  • Office
  • Crafts
  • Home
  • Personal Health Care
  • DIY
  • Decorating and Organizing
  • Student
  • Office
  • Crafts

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  • About Consumer Markets at 3M

    At 3M, we are experts in delivering creativity, simplicity and efficiency both in your home and in your office. From bandages to sandpaper, office display boards to paint remover, we have over 100 years of experience helping you make sure that whatever project you’re tackling is done right. Our personal care solutions, including bandages, braces and medical tape, help make you healthier and stronger, while our Post-it® branded products and labels help keep your workspace organized. And our homecare offerings, from hooks and tapes to home energy savings products to insect repellant, make your cleaning, repairing, crafting and caring easier, so you can get back to living faster.

  • Consumer Products

    Discover the 3M products helping make life better and easier at home and at work

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  • 3M Science. Applied to Life.™

    Our new brand embraces the science at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Hear what the professionals have to say

    ScotchBlue™ exterior tape helps the pros get their job done right the first time

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3M Consumer Stories

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  • This Valentine's day, we're diving into the mysteries of love.

    December 1, 1901 Can we get to the heart of love?
  • With a few easy tricks, you can make guessing what's in a gift almost as fun as the gift itself.

    12/21/2015 Tricks to keep your gift a secret
  • Only Santa truly knows how his magic works—but by trying to follow his example, we can all make life a little better.

    12/16/2015 The mysterious science of Santa.
  • The key ingredient in a margarita is putting its green thumbprint on cleaning supplies.

    12/15/2015 Tequila: a good source for a cleaner kitchen.
  • Protect every surface and take pride in your vehicle with Scotchgard™ Protection from 3M.

    12/04/2015 Bumper to bumper protection.
  • Welcome to the 3M Racing lab. Jeff Gordon is here to show you around. In this episode, Jeff shares a little bit about 3M Science and hangs things up.

    10/16/2015 Around the Lab with Jeff Gordon – 3M™ Command™ Hooks
  • Safety should be the first thing on your list for any construction project. That's true whether you make your living as a contractor or you tackle DIY projects.

    10/01/2015 Know your risks. Put safety on your list.
  • Get the inside scoop on how parents are helping their children handle the challenges of a STEM curriculum.

    09/24/2015 Guiding your child to STEM success
  • Who knew you could soak up the sun and beat the heat at the same time?
    09/17/2015 Beat the heat. Reduce cooling costs.
  • Check out our online destination for the inspiration, resources and guidance all DIY enthusiasts will love.

    09/11/2015 A home base for restoration
  • 3M™ Sun Control Window Films let in the sunlight, while blocking the damage from its harmful rays.

    09/02/2015 All of the sunshine. None of the damage.
  • Understanding STEM, and why it’s so important for your child’s future.

    09/03/2015 Why STEM matters
  • Find the tips and techniques that fit your style and make learning any subject easier with Post-it® Study.

    08/27/2015 Get a head start on the new school year
  • Get the tips, tricks and techniques to help your child study smart this school year.

    08/27/2015 Helping parents make studying more successful
  • Your space may be small, but it’s yours to design.

    08/20/2015 Your space, your style
  • This school season, we’re bringing together teachers around the country to share ideas and inspiration for their classrooms.

    08/20/2015 Inspire your class with new ideas
  • Get easy, flexible and damage-free decorating options to make your dorm room the coolest on campus.

    08/12/2015 5 ways to add style to your dorm room.
  • Whether weekend warrior, coach or student athlete you want to be at the top of your game. Find injury care tips to help you keep going.

    08/12/2015 From the court to the field, we've got you covered.
  • 3M Scientists identified consumers’ needs and collaborated with each other, re-thinking technologies to solve everyday wardrobe problems.

    08/05/2015 There’s a lot of science behind looking effortless.
  • Everyone has different ways of learning. Finding flexible, practical ways to work with that style can be the key to student success.

    08/05/2015 Unlock the learning style. Unlock the potential.
  • Relieving swollen, achy legs, so you can feel better all day long. FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear puts the squeeze on aches and pains to help you find relief.

    07/17/2015 Leg relief. All day long.
  • Protect your vehicle’s showroom shine long after it leaves the lot.

    06/26/2015 Keep your shiny new car, shiny and new.
  • As fitness enthusiasts embrace the warm weather and take to the outdoors for training during dusk, it's important to remember four simple words… no white at night.

    06/18/2015 No White at Night
  • Our 3M scientists translate their unique skillsets and areas of expertise into solving complex issues and creating exciting new solutions. 

    06/11/2015 One scientist, good. Many scientists, even better.
  • Organize and decorate your outdoor space this summer with the help of Command™ Outdoor Products.

    06/04/2015 5 ways you can makeover your outdoor space.
  • Chase adventure in any condition with the lightweight, high performance of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation.

    05/28/2015 All of the warmth, none of the down(sides).
  • Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Tape stays put when you need it to, but removes cleanly with minimal hair pulling, so you can heal comfortably.

    05/21/2015 Ensuring comfort throughout the healing process.
  • You might not always realize it, but you’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M Science. It’s in cars, planes, homes, clothes - pretty much everything. No wonder you use 3M Science over 100 times a day. #LifeWith3M

    05/08/2015 3M Science. Applied to Life.™
  • 3M Science enhances every day life, even the dishes.

    04/24/2015 Making Cleaning Less of a Chore
  • Post-it® Notes have attached themselves to our everyday lives. But their ubiquity can surprise you. That’s what FLAD Architects in San Francisco learned.

    03/13/2015 An inspired idea that keeps inspiring.
  • Filtrete™ Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen Filters attract and capture microscopic particles that can carry bacteria and viruses, for about $80 a year.

    03/13/2015 Sighing a breath of relief.
  • ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape holds tough in challenging conditions, so you can get your job done right the first time.

    03/13/2015 Tough jobs need tough tape.
  • 3M™ Ultra Flexible Sanding Products are tough and super-flexible, so you get great results, even in the most hard-to-sand places.

    03/13/2015 Sanding that's as resilient as you are
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