About 3M Power Generation

  • Life-extending protection for wind turbine blades. Boron chemistries helping to make nuclear power safer. Films that help boost the output of solar panels. In dozens of critical ways, 3M Science helps you meet the always-on expectations of an energy-driven world.

Seven wind turbines producing wind energy against a blue sky
Helping meet the escalating demand for energy.

Solutions for Power Generation

  • Solar Energy

    3M has more than a decade of experience making solar energy a practical reality.

    We offer proven tapes, advanced films, and coatings that help improve performance and weatherability, while driving down cost per watt.

    Solar Energy Solutions

  • Wind Energy

    We help the wind industry achieve performance and reliability in harsh environments.

    From specialized wind protection tapes, to vortex generators, to electrical splices, 3M provides products and technologies for building and maintaining wind applications around the world.

    Wind Energy Solutions

  • Nuclear Energy

    Our advanced materials are fundamental in maintaining safety in commercial nuclear power operations. 

    3M™ Stable Isotopes are used for neutron absorption, nuclear chemistry, and nuclear fuel control. They’re fundamental building blocks that help operations run smoothly and safely.

    Nuclear Energy Solutions

Related 3M Power Generation Solutions

  • Fossil Fuels

    From exploration and production, to transport and refining, 3M supplies thousands of products to the global oil and gas industry.

    We offer a wealth of innovative solutions to promote safety, improve productivity, and extend the life of assets.

    Oil & Gas Products

  • Fork lift driver in a warehouse carrying a load of boxes.
    Fuel Cells

    With assistance from 3M materials science, fuel cells are helping to power a more secure, sustainable future.

    PEM Fuel Cell Components

    Nextel for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

  • commercial liquid hydrogen tank
    Cryogenic Insulation

    Efficient, durable thermal insulation for the cryogenic storage of gases and liquified gases like hydrogen, nitrogen, liquid natural gas, oxygen, and argon. Reduce your boil-off rate, lower your material and fuel costs while increasing tank capacity, insulate your storage vessels with a robust material that can withstand transport and thermal cycling, and capitalize on the growing hydrogen economy.

    Cryogenic Insulation Solutions

Need Help Finding the Right Power Generation Product?

Do you have a question or comment about 3M power generation solutions? Please contact us regarding these technologies: wind power generation, solar power generation, fuel cell components, nuclear power generation.

The 3M Science of Generating Innovation

Working with you to meet both consumer and business demands

Fossil fuels. Renewable sources. However you generate power, 3M works with you to help meet the never-ending demands of your customers and your business. We draw from dozens of scientific disciplines—materials to optics—to create products that help you generate more power faster. And with the safety and efficiency that helps drive profitability. At 3M, we never stop inventing. Here are some examples:

  • Outstanding in the wind

    Wind turbines are vulnerable to the same wind forces they depend on for generating power. Turbine manufacturers depend on 3M Science, and our 70 years of weathering experience, for the polyurethane coatings and wind protection tapes that help extend the life of turbine blades—and help make wind farms reliable and efficient sources of renewable energy.

    Read more about protecting wind turbines

  • Buoyant under the toughest conditions

    3M™ Glass Bubbles are inert, hollow, glass microspheres with an amazing combination of high strength and low density. They’re an industry-standard additive that makes syntactic foams buoyant under crushing pressure and extreme cold—suitable for offshore oil drilling operations. These tiny examples of 3M Science help drill risers reach even deeper, and insulate subsea piping.

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Transitioning to a World of Renewable, Green Energy

  • Two men walking next to solar panels producing solar energy.

    The world’s population has doubled since 1950, along with a four-fold increase in fossil fuel use.1 2015 was the Earth's warmest year on record (since 1880) by a wide margin.2 All of this has prompted dramatic policy shifts regarding renewable energy and the environment. And the future of power generation is more apparent than ever.
    For the first time ever, in 2014, global carbon emissions were flat, due to reduced coal use, expansion of clean energy and energy efficiency.3 At the same time, the global power mix is shifting to natural gas, solar, wind, and storage. Renewable energy sources will account for at least 45% of new electrical generation capacity from 2013-2020.4

    One thing you can count on amid all of this change is 3M Science. We’ve worked with the power generation industry for more than four decades. Trust us to work with you on transitioning to renewable energy sources while supporting your current fossil fuel and nuclear technologies. With operations in more than 70 countries, we’re able to deliver the solutions you need, when and where you need them.

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