Wrapping Up a Fun, Family-Oriented Brand

Case Studies

This HVAC company’s van wrap includes child’s play that’s generating serious business.

When Mathias Dalluhn purchased a new van for his plumbing business in 2016, it was a big investment. Operating as MD’s Heating and Air Services, LLC, he owns a one-man shop in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and is a proud husband and father. After launching his business five years ago during a down market, he had achieved enough success to get the van he wanted. He also wanted the high-impact presence of a van wrap to help promote his business.

But Dalluhn also had a unique request. Even though he was establishing a more professional presence, he wanted people to see his commitment to his family. So, he decided to incorporate his two young children in the design.

“I want people to know that it’s a family business. You’re not getting some CEO somewhere on another yacht. You’re paying for my little girl to go to gymnastics or swimming lessons,” he says.

When creating a unique wrap is child’s play

Nick Lowry, owner of Brand Ink in St. Paul worked with Dalluhn to make that vision a reality. Lowry set up a photo shoot of the van with the back door open. Then, his team used Photoshop to place the photos of the two young Dalluhns in the back of the van.

The finished design looks like the van’s back door is open with the two little ones mischievously playing inside. Lowry designed the sides of the van wrap to colorfully showcase MD’s Heating and Air services with the company’s phone number and website, which also appear on the back of the van. He chose 3M’s IJ180Cv3 vinyl and 8518 overlaminate because of their ease of installation, durability, and ability to hold color saturation.

“For us, artwork is a key differentiator. The people on our staff are career graphic designers. Not all designers can do cars and other vehicles well because they’re dealing with contours, and it’s a three-dimensional object,” Lowry says.

Since its completion in July 2016, the results have been beyond Dalluhn’s expectations. He’s seen an uptick in inbound calls. He has even had people call him when they were driving behind his van. The wrap is an investment that will easily pay for itself, he says. He just wishes he had done it sooner.

“It’s a moving billboard and a way to show what your company is about. When you’re out on the road, people can’t miss you. And it shows you’re serious about your business. I should have done it years ago, to be honest with you,” he says.

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