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Durable, flexible and attractive, wrap installations are popular with many businesses that want to create a dramatic impact. However, even the best wraps need to be changed over time. While an indoor wrap could last for years, outdoor installations or those that are subject to extreme weather or sunlight may need to be changed periodically. In addition, some businesses opt to update their installations regularly simply to create new looks.

A makeover for your store

BC Surf & Sport does exactly that at three of its 16 locations in Boulder, Broomfield, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Vice president Dave Smith says that the company chose vinyl graphic film installations, because they give the stores a dynamic new look on a regular basis, while the perforated graphic film—the installer, Denver-based Ink Monstr, uses 3MTM ScotchcalTM IJ35C-10 vinyl—allows ample light into the stores.

“We’ve got strong vendor partnerships and we’ll work with them to promote a product that’s coming up for the season,” Smith says.

Then, the team works with Ink Monstr to create the design and handle the installation. Customers are delighted by the great-looking, regularly changing images, which always showcase something new, he says.

Finding the
right option for each application

When any customer plans to change out wrap installations regularly, Ink Monstr founder Reed Silberman and his team start the process by mapping out the basics. For applications in temperature-controlled interiors, they may choose materials that have lighter adhesion than outdoor installations that need to weather the heat or cold or they may install the new wrap over the old one. They may design the piece so that segments of the installation can be changed, rather than the entire wrap. For example, they work with a food truck with a frequently changing menu, which is an overlay and can be easily removed and replaced.

Silberman and his team design the installations to accommodate any of the features on the window, wall, or vehicle. Ductwork, window sizes, and vehicle features are all accounted for in the design. “I make sure my staff is educated, and they know all aspects of our business. A designer doesn’t just design, they are fully aware of production and how that’s accomplished,” he says.

Smith says it’s important to work with an experienced installer if you’re changing your graphics frequently. In addition to ensuring that the installation is perfect and smooth, the installer can address questions or make repairs when needed.

“Early on, we made a couple of attempts to put up graphic film that was provided to us. It’s an art form and definitely worth having a pro do it—especially if you’re changing them regularly,” he says.

If you’re thinking more outside jobs, sometimes a brick wall proves an obstacle—and sometimes it’s an opportunity to merge art and promotion. That was the case with Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, which had prime signage real estate at its downtown location.

Murals are popular and had been cropping up all over Denver, says Kasey Willis, director of marketing at the local chain of eateries. So, the Wahoo’s team saw an opportunity to work with local graphic design and installation company Ink Monstr to create an edgy piece of art that would also bring attention to the restaurants.

Finding the
right look

Wahoo’s is known for being both “artsy” and associated with sports like snowboarding and skiing.

The Ink Monstr team prides itself on asking many questions to get to the heart of the customer’s brand and messaging. After their research, they designed a mermaid with long hair and tattoos, gazing into a shell mirror. “She looks like a diva,” Willis says. The installers were able to achieve deep color saturation and cover the brick wall effectively using 3MTMControltacTM IJ180Cv3 graphic film, which is durable and stands up to the punishing sun and winters Denver dishes out.

“With outdoor installations, you need to consider whether it’s south-facing or not. If it’s getting direct sunlight all day, every day year-round, we have to choose a higher adhesive more durable long-term, outdoor material,” says Reed Silberman, Ink Monstr founder.

Installations in shady areas can be made of different materials at a lower price-point, because they don’t need to withstand excessive ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Making a lasting impression

Duration is also a key factor, Silberman says. If a customer is changing its graphics frequently, the materials can be different than in installations which are meant to last as long as possible. Wahoo’s mermaid was installed more than a year ago and, other than an occasional repair to the edge or corner of the installation, she still looks fabulous, Willis says.

And customers think so, too. Willis says regulars and new customers regularly say something like, “Wow, that is a cool piece of artwork you have going on there.” The mermaid has been featured on social media and customers often talk about the artwork.

“Before the installation, there was some signage that was worn and it was time to fix up. We decided to spice it up a little bit,” she says. In a community like Denver, she says the soft-sell that delivers a great-looking installation that people can enjoy while informing the customer where to find a great bite to eat is effective—and appreciated by the hip, trendy audience that frequents the area.

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