Windows Are the Eyes to Your Store’s Soul – Use Them!

Brand Basics

Maximizing window décor can be a critical competitive edge.

You look for any competitive edge when promoting your business. So don’t overlook a key opportunity: window applications. If you’ve got an office or storefront in a highly trafficked area, messaging on your windows could add significantly to the number of impressions your business achieves.

Jason Scott, co-founder of Tacoma, Washington-based custom wrap marketing firm WrapJax, says vinyl laminates can be an effective and surprising way to deliver high-impact messaging with some surprising benefits.

Keep these five tips in mind to create a design that works for your business—inside and out.

1. Make it pop

Vinyl window applications can achieve color and effects that paint simply can’t, Scott says. Vibrant hues, bold patterns, and metallic finishes can really help people take note of your window décor. Experienced wrap providers will use your window measurements, existing brand designs, and messaging to turn a plain glass window into effective outdoor advertising.

2. Design for the target

All good marketing keeps the target market in mind—but, in this case, you’re not targeting a demographic, you’re targeting visibility. As you work with your designer, consider the distances from which people will view your window application, whether they’re walking or driving by, Scott says. If your business is set back from the road, make sure that typography is large enough for drivers to see it, and use colors that people associate with your business to reinforce your brand image.

3. Explore the flexibility

Vinyl applications can be designed for virtually any window size, Scott says. The applications are also easy to remove when it’s time to update or change them.

4. Don’t be an outlaw

It’s important to check with your municipality to find out if signage regulations or permitting requirements apply. But one of the benefits of vinyl window décor is that, in many communities, such laws are not applicable to windows. Still, check the law to be certain.

5. Consider the interior benefits

While paint is opaque, the number of vinyl perforation variations allow various levels of visibility, Scott says. So, you can have bold décor and still see through the window. The vinyl may also change the ambiance of your office or storefront.

“It cuts down on some of the glare and heat coming into your store and can provide some privacy. Depending on the perf, it’s almost like looking through tinted glass,” he says.

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