The Impact of Color on Branding

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Of all the elements that contribute to your brand’s appearance and visual impact, choice of color is one of the most important.

Color drives emotions and delivers a messaging short-hand that can reinforce what your customers think of your brand. The right color can make your brand more appealing and help customers remember your message, so it’s critical to choose your color scheme wisely. Here’s what you need to know about color.

Increased Impact


Percent by which color can increase brand recognition.1


Percent by which the right color can increase readership by making messaging more visually appealing and easier to read.2


Percent by which color increases message comprehension.1

Color Delivers a Message

Logos featuring:

Eco-friendly colors

Eco-friendly colors, like green, made a company seem more ethical, even when its practices were unclear. Colors that are not considered eco-friendly made the company’s practices seem less ethical.


One-third of the world’s top brands use the color blue in their logos.3

2 to 4 colors

The ideal number of colors for your brand. Focus on one or two main colors and use the others as needed to accent.4

Color Meanings

Colors typically have both positive and negative traits associated with them. It’s important to know these embedded meanings in order to understand what your brand color may be saying about your company, products, and services.


  • Positive: excitement, love, energy, movement
  • Negative: anger, danger, war


  • Positive: joy, optimism, youth
  • Negative: cowardice, deceit, hazard


  • Positive: competence, serenity, quality, loyalty, strength
  • Negative: depression, coldness


  • Positive: royalty, luxury
  • Negative: excess, cruelty


  • Positive: environmentalism, nature, health, harmony
  • Negative: poison, greed

Culture plays a role in how people see color, too, so be sure you understand any color affiliations or messages within your audience.


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