Reinventing the Indoor Cycling Experience

Case Studies

“This Chicago cycling studio is disrupting the norm with a bold new look and experience.”

Traditional spin classes have been popular for years, but Tasha White has taken them to the next level. In her Chicago Cycmode studio, which opened in July 2017, the bikes actually move from side to side as if they were on the road. The entire experience is immersive—a 40-foot curved screen in the front of the class makes participants feel as if they’re out on the road.

“People forget they’re actually in a studio,” she says. “The experience is inspired by the feeling of being at the cinema or at a concert.”

Making an impact

Starting any business is tough, but when you’re re-inventing a popular experience, the bar is even higher. White, a former collegiate track and field athlete and veteran of The Coca-Cola Company, where she worked as a director of diversity and inclusion, had a strong vision of what she wanted to achieve. The studio would need to have a bold, memorable look to match the cycling experience it provided.

“Working for an iconic brand like Coca-Cola™, you learn to differentiate yourself,” she says. After she began to participate in indoor cycling regularly, she found the bike at a conference and found the technology by surfing the web, then paired the two together.

She worked with a designer to create the look and teamed with display graphics firm Cushing & Company for execution. The team gave a nod to her corporate background by incorporating a red hue inspired by the Coca-Cola red into her design. Vinyl wall wraps made from 3M™ Controltac™ Print Film 40C are distressed to give an edgy vibe, and the image of a cyclist centered and leaning to each side immediately shows visitors that this is a different type of cycling experience.

Other 3M products, such as 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive IJ180C and Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film IJ8150, were used for window wraps, bicycle stickers, and applications on water bottles available for purchase. The studio even has a wall where class participants write their daily goals for motivation. White says that vinyl installations helped her achieve the look she wanted easily and more affordably than other options, such as painting.

Off to the races

“The response to the studio has been amazing,” she says. She has already found a loyal following, and customers even hold events and birthday parties in the studio, attracted by the fun experience and striking décor. And, almost immediately upon opening, White began receiving inquiries from people interested in opening studios around the United States and overseas.

“We have the bikes right up front, so people can see how they move. Their eyes open wide and mouths drop open. From the moment they walk in, they know they’re in for a truly unique experience,” she says.

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