Ratcheting Up Recognition, Fast

Case Studies

With nine trucks in its fleet, Adam Vaillancourt Roofing & Construction had a strong presence in and around its Milford, New Hampshire, home base. When employees asked new customers how they had heard about the company, it was common for them to reply, “Oh, I’ve seen your trucks around town.” If they were generating business from simple logos, what could happen if they created a striking wrap that would really draw attention?

“When we saw what the possibilities were—the gradation of color, the ability to wrap the hood and the truck gate, and all of the design options—we wanted to know more,” says office manager Stephen Meader.

So, the team turned to Nashua, New Hampshire-based Ads on Wheels. Founder Chris Dyson and his team immediately came up with a design that incorporated a striking, textured background along with the company’s logo. The texturing creates a unique, rich look that really makes the logo stand out, he says. Adapting the design for the company’s various truck models, Dyson was able to create a uniform look even among different vehicles. He chose 3M’s IJ180Cv3 vinyl and 8518 overlaminate because of its durability.

Meader notes that the speed with which Ads on Wheels was able to wrap the trucks was impressive. All nine trucks were done within two weeks. And, although they’ve only been on the road for a few months, the vehicles have already resulted in noticeable customer response.

Adding external credibility to the mix

In addition to the Adam Vaillancourt Roofing & Construction logo, website address, and phone number, the trucks also include some co-branding from Owens Corning, including the iconic Pink Panther character. In addition to helping cut the cost for the roofing company, Meader says including the sponsors shows the quality of materials the company chooses, which makes a statement about its work. In addition, they included the Better Business Bureau logo and the company’s A+ rating.

“In New Hampshire, you don’t need all the licensing to be a contractor. We definitely love highlighting organizations like the BBB that have the ability to give some credibility to the contractor world. A lot of people turn to the BBB to find out about reliable businesses,” he adds.

About the final product, Meader says, “our technicians have received countless numbers of people saying, ‘I love the trucks. I love what you guys have done with them.’ Anywhere we go, the truck wraps from Ads on Wheels are unmistakable and people are really responding.”

“We only use 3M products because of the quality. Occasionally, you’ll get a customer who says they can get their job done for a few hundred dollars less somewhere else. If they do, nine times out of 10, we end up speaking with them about six months later because the materials are peeling, cracking, or failing,” Dyson says.

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