Putting Their Work in the Spotlight: AlphaGraphics Store Window Is “Dressed to Impress”

Case Studies

By showing how their application solved their own challenge, this marketing solutions and print provider also illustrated how its team could help customers.

Like anyone who believes in what he or she sells, Michael Kile likes to showcase the new products he rolls out at AlphaGraphics of Carmel, Indiana. By using new offerings in the store and in their marketing efforts, he and his team both prove their confidence in the products and show customers what they can expect for themselves. Sometimes, such examples really help clients see the potential for themselves, he says.

So, when they saw 3M’s Scotchcal™ Perforated Window Graphic Film 8170-P50, they knew it was something they wanted to try themselves. The product features a combination of the benefits of high-performance cast vinyl film and versatility. Using a big, bold display in AlphaGraphics’ front window was a perfect way to show off the store’s cross-platform printing capabilities.

“When it comes to something like a window [application], some people have trouble envisioning how it could work for them. A sample lets them see the impact first-hand,” he says.

The window film has been up for just a few weeks and has generated considerable customer interest, Kile says. The colorful application, which featured bright colors and the AlphaGraphics logo, is about 50 percent opaque from the outside and transparent from the inside—a feature that delighted customers. They were also impressed that the film didn’t block all of the exterior light and make the store dark—the 50 percent perforation pattern enables significant light transmission, providing vibrant image quality balanced with excellent see-through capability. Almost immediately, he began working with several customers to explore how the films might work for them, he says.

In addition to acting as an effective demonstration to customers, the window application also solved another key issue for Kile. His office is in an area that limits external signage. Since his store is set back from the road, it can be difficult to see. The bright window film can easily be seen from the road and complies with signage regulations.

“When we first moved here, we had a little trouble with people saying ‘Oh, I didn’t see your location when I drove by.’ We don’t have that issue anymore,” he says.

The simplicity of bright colors and the recognizable AlphaGraphics logo have been effective in building the brand’s strong presence. The application also shows customers the breadth of his company’s printing abilities, especially in large formats. 3M’s perforated window graphic film is print-compatible with UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent printers for ink jet and screen printing. The film can also be used for interior applications, such as adding privacy to a glass conference room. Best of all, it has allowed him to show customers how AlphaGraphics can meet a variety of diverse printing needs.

“Any conversation with the client starts with, ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ So, when we sit down with a client, we’re really trying to solve a problem they have. When they know the range of things we can do for them, that conversation is more complete, and we’re able to put more solutions on the table,” he says.

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