Pop-Up Branding

Brand Basics

How to get the most impact when your business sells through events.

When you’re selling your goods and services at fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and other temporary venues, branding becomes a new challenge. You need to create a look that’s flexible, portable, and memorable—as well as one that holds up after being packed and unpacked a myriad of times.

When Sarah Sebastian, founder of design firm Rose Gold Collective is faced with such challenges, she immediately begins to think of ways she can make an impact. “It drives me crazy when I just see a business with a single white banner. We can do better than that,” she says. Here are four ways she says event-based sellers can shine:

1. Create an environment

Think of the space you’re creating as its own environment. Instead of a table or a booth, look at how you can build an area that is attractive and inviting, Sebastian recommends. Can you incorporate great furniture finds or dramatic, stackable shelving units to display products? Use color, vinyl applications with stone or wood finishes, or other rich-looking materials that can make you stand out from a sea of draped booths and white banners. Think of your space as a décor project instead of just a place to display your goods.

2. Make your signage gorgeous

Signage has to be easy to read, but amp up the design elements to make it interesting and tie in with your brand, Sebastian says. Within your booth or area, use signage that coordinates with your branding to communicate offers, features and benefits. Many of the tips and tricks that work for trade show booths work in fair and festival spaces, too.

3. Make it selfie-worthy

One of Sebastian’s favorite tactics is to create a branded element that will inspire people to take photos or selfies and share them on social media, further promoting your brand. Create a life-size image of your mascot or a beautiful backdrop with your logo incorporated in it that will make people want to create fun or pretty photos. You could also sponsor a photo stop at the event in another location, adding your logo, and furthering your brand reach, she says.

4. Design a handout they’ll keep

Instead of just handing out flyers or brochures that will be tossed away, develop handouts that customers and prospects will keep, Sebastian says. If you’re at a music festival, for example, many people don’t carry handbags. Create something that can clip onto a backpack, Sebastian says. Or, if you’re at an outdoor event, create branded handouts that people will appreciate, like water bottles or packages of hand wipes.

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