Out of Home Advertising: Impact at the Crucial Hour

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A recent study shows how effective OOH is in reaching consumers just before a purchase.

Text and location-based target marketing are emerging tools in the attempt to target consumers near the point of purchase, but a recent study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reveals that out-of-home advertising (OOH) can intercept consumers at or near the point of purchase better than any other medium.

The study, which was conducted by RealityMine using USA TouchPoints, also uncovered the strength of OOH in reaching consumers as they engage with their mobile devices. In fact, it’s more likely to reach them during that critical hour leading up to online mobile activities—using email, websites, and apps—more effectively than other media as well.

Performing at a critical time

OOH also outperforms traditional media in the crucial hour before mobile behaviors like online shopping, searches, and social media activity, including brand interactions and check-ins that are so important to advertisers. In fact, 22 percent of the time, consumers reported action responses such as online searches and brand-related social media activity within 30 minutes of exposure to OOH advertising.

The data also shows that consumers are clearly positive about OOH advertising—a sharp contrast to how they feel about intrusive texts. With roughly 20 hours of exposure to OOH advertising each week, during 82 percent of those exposures, consumers reported positive emotions, alertness, or purchase considerations within the half hour. The report found that OOH delivered the best combination of reach and consumer activity of all media.

Maximizing OOH

For companies using OOH advertising, understanding the impact that it has on online actions and searches and its effectiveness has important implications. Local advertisers can place OOH advertising in the vicinity of the point of sale, “driving attention from big screens to small screens,” says Stephen Freitas, chief marketing officer at the OAAA. OOH advertising can inspire people to search out more detail about where to buy the brand or item by including:

  • A call to action
  • Hashtag
  • Social media icons
  • Website URL
  • Relevant keyword to help customers search for the brand

“Consumers today want the choice to connect with advertising. They want incentives to choose brands, and they want it all in the palms of their hands. OOH propels that interaction,” adds Freitas.

Because of the medium’s effectiveness in creating impressions an hour before the point of sale and the half hour before online interactions, advertisers should explore messaging that reinforces the brand’s promise and advantages. By capitalizing on the surprising timeliness of the medium, brands can create designs and calls to action that reinforce this little-known strength.

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