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Realty Mark uses NASCAR®-inspired vehicle wraps to drive impact and attract business.

When Ray Gaber drives down the street, it’s not unusual for people to whip out their smartphones to grab a quick pic. The reason? Gaber, CEO of Realty Mark, a Philadelphia-based real estate agency, drives one of six Camaros dramatically wrapped to look exactly like a professional race car.

Four-wheeled promotion geared to moving property faster

Gaber’s not a racing fanatic. When he started the wrapped car initiative two years ago, he was just looking for a great way to promote his firm and to defray vehicle costs for his agents. The eye-catching vehicles are also conversation starters, and Gaber says people remember the cars and mention them to his agents. One Realty Mark agent actually landed a client who approached him to admire his car.

“If I put five or six sponsors on a Ford Explorer, it would look silly driving down the street. But when you put them on a sports car, suddenly you have a slick, great-looking vehicle that looks like a stock car,” he says.

The company’s signature blue sky and green grass backdrop features the Realty Mark brand prominently. In addition to the Realty Mark logo on the hood and body of the car, both the agency and the agents who drive the cars sell sponsorships for brands to include their logos on the car. These decals are applied on top of the wrap, giving the feel of a vehicle that’s just done laps on a NASCAR track. Based on the size, location, and number of vehicles the sponsor chooses, sponsorships range from $25 to $125 per month, underwriting the cost of the vehicle for the agent.

Realty Mark has attracted a variety of sponsors ranging from pizza places and tire companies to insurance companies and mortgage brokerages. And if that seems impressive, so are the results. According to Arbitron, if a wrapped vehicle drives 15,000 miles per year—a piece of cake for busy real estate agents—it will generate nearly 9 million views or impressions. Of those, 30 percent typically make a positive purchasing decision.

Making it pop and protecting the car

One of the sponsors is Night Owl Graphics, which handles the wraps for Realty Mark. Owner Kim Cunningham, who is a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, worked closely with Gaber to get the right look for the vehicle, and to ensure there was plenty of space for sponsor decals. She chose 3M’s IJ180c film with matching laminate because of its durability and ability to achieve print saturation that really makes the bright blue sky and green grass on the design pop.

The wraps also pay off in unexpected ways. Each of the Camaros is leased, and the durable vinyl protects the vehicle underneath. When it’s time to turn in the vehicle at lease end, the wrap is simply removed and the paint on the car is typically pristine, having been protected from scratches and other wear and tear, Gaber says. His agents feel great driving the cars, and best of all, they have one less expense because of the sponsorships. Ultimately, the goal is to underwrite the cost of cars for roughly 600 agents.

“I know Realty Mark has gotten positive feedback, and so have we. I get calls from people who say, ‘Hey, I saw your car.’ It’s a good representation of what we can do, too,” she says. “It’s a win for everyone,” he says.

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