Light It Up: 4 Ways Natural Light Is Good for Your Business

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Window films that enhance your workspace’s natural light improve employee and customer experience.

Lighting—and lighting quality—can be a critical element of your business, and enhancing the natural light of your office or store can offer important advantages, says Byron Trotter, a design manager with 3M. For example, a 2014 study by researchers at Northwestern University found that employees who were exposed to more natural light at the office had better sleep and quality of life than those working in lower light levels.

Window films can be an important tool for preserving and enhancing natural light. With varied options, they can benefit your business in four important ways:

1. Provide privacy

Window films can be used in a variety of ways to provide privacy and enhance décor without inhibiting natural light. One of Trotter’s clients had interior glass walls that allowed visitors to potentially see sensitive information on employee computer screens. By installing a window film with a design that was transparent at the top and bottom and opaque in the center, where most people’s lines of vision would be, they were able to protect the information while preserving natural light and creating an interesting visual affect that complemented the décor. Frosted or textured films can provide privacy in certain areas without sacrificing natural light.

2. Diminish glare and ultraviolet rays

Some offices or stores have unpleasant glare during certain times of day that can cause discomfort to customers and even affect employee productivity, says Mark Elvester, a technologist with 3M. In addition, ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage office furnishings or products. Window films can help manage these issues, minimizing glare and offering UV protection while maintaining window transparency.

3. Save energy

The California Energy Commission found that daylit stores typically have higher sales than other stores. Some window films can actually redirect light up to 40 feet deeper into the space, providing more natural light. When combined with lighting controls, such films can cut your lighting energy usage by more than half, helping your company enjoy significant energy savings.

4. Show your sustainable side

More than half of consumers care about a company’s efforts to be green, according to a 2013 report by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange. The right window film can actually help your company conserve energy, Elvester says. For example, “low e” films reduce interior heat created from the sun as well as radiant heat loss.

Window films can be a powerful—and often overlooked—tool for delivering a variety of business benefits. With a wide range of features, they can help your company improve its overall interior comfort, while creating attractive enhancements to your exterior and décor.

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