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Case Studies

Wherever Kevin Chapman’s Pine Creek Services business takes him, you’re bound to notice his branding. His St. Paul, Minnesota company cleans windows and gutters for businesses, and during the holiday season, hangs lights for commercial and residential customers. And everything from his company’s vehicles to its tools of the trade carry the company’s blue and lime-green logo and color scheme.

The idea started when Chapman was in a local Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches shop. “Everything in there—even the can of olives—has their logo on it. So, I thought, ‘we need to do this, too,’” he recalls.

Chapman was interested in wrapping his company’s vehicles to show off his brand on the road, but thought it was too expensive. Nicholas Lowry, president of Brand Ink, a local marketing and graphics firm, told him he could do a partial wrap that would fit his budget. Chapman was thrilled with the impact—and the price—and now has three large sport utility vehicles and five pick-up trucks that sport partial wraps.

What else can I brand?

But Chapman wasn’t done there. One day, he was at Lowry’s office and saw stickers printed for a cupcake company’s delivery boxes. It sparked the idea to put his logo and colors on the squeegees and buckets his 10 employees use. In January, when his team is packing up holiday lights, they apply logo stickers to the boxes in which the lights are stored. It’s a subtle reminder to customers to call his company the following year. “We try to angle the stickers so the customer sees them every time they pull out of the garage,” he says.

Chapman rents space in a retail complex where the back doors all look the same. He saw another opportunity to promote his business. While he couldn’t paint the door, he worked with Lowry to develop a vinyl wrap with his company information and signature colors, setting his location apart from the others.

Unexpected branding benefits

While his extreme branding helps promote his business and helps build recognition, Chapman says his employees love it, too. People recognize the brand, and it makes them feel good that they’re working for a company that’s well-known in the community, he says. The branding helps him build his company culture.

“The credibility good branding can bring to a service business where you’re showing up at someone’s house and looking professional really helps a business like Kevin’s. It’s not just some random guy in a truck. This is a company that takes its image and its customers seriously,” Lowry says.

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