Getting a Lock on the Local Market

Case Studies

Sacco’s Locksmith Co., is a fixture in central New York. The Utica-based company has been specializing in commercial and residential hardware, safes, and automotive transponder keys for more than 40 years.

Wrapping up an updated look

While Sacco’s has four decades worth of history, it’s important for even established businesses to come up with fresh marketing ideas to show they’re remaining creative and innovative, asserts owner Paul Sacco, Jr. He’d seen the impact that vinyl vehicle wraps could make and thought that wrapping his van could put a sharp new marketing vehicle to work for the company.

Sacco had worked previously with Howard Potter at A&P Master Images in Utica to order logoed t-shirts and jackets for the company. So he approached Potter with some rough sketches to see if the design firm could handle the wrap for him.

This was new territory for Potter. A&P had never handled a vinyl vehicle wrap before—let alone one this large or complex. The van had a number of handles, grooves and other features that would have to be accommodated in the design.

But, when A&P’s quote was $500 higher than the competition, Sacco wanted to know why. “We explained all the work that was going to go into getting it right, from testing the design to choosing the right materials for the job. We wanted to show that he was getting what he was paying for,” Potter says.

Sacco was convinced and wanted to give the business to a local company. So, Potter and A&P general manager and graphic designer Sean Hogan went to work. When choosing materials, they opted for 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film and 3M™ Wrap Overlaminate because they knew they could get a crisper print using higher-quality materials. Those choices were geared toward two goals: achieving the deep color saturation Hogan wanted and standing up to central New York’s formidable winter conditions.

Like three billboards

The team pored over every inch of the van, ensuring that the typography and images weren’t distorted by being placed over the grooves or doors. Sacco wanted to include the company’s contact information, but also display some of the products they sell, so Hogan integrated photographs into the design as well. A&P hired a third-party installer to help ensure the job was done to spec and to teach his team the ropes. From concept through completion, the job took roughly a month.

The result was a bold, head-turning vehicle that clearly communicated Sacco’s key messages. Sacco was so impressed with the vehicle that he immediately had his second van wrapped.

For Potter, this project opened up a new line of revenue for his business. As A&P learns the installation ropes, he expects his company will be doing many more vehicle wraps for happy customers like Sacco.

“We went with pictures of different products on each side and the back of the vehicle, so it’s like having three different billboards, depending on where you look,” Sacco says.

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