Get More for Your Floor

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If you’re not using floor graphics, you might be missing out on an important promotional and customer engagement tool.

You scour every square inch of your business space to ensure you’re maximizing sales and customer engagement opportunities. Your in-store signage is perfect. The merchandising is beautiful, and your employees are dynamic and helpful. But it’s possible that you’re ignoring a big opportunity right under your nose: Your floor.

Floor graphics are an often-overlooked method of communicating with and engaging customers. They can be used for everything from making store navigation easier to suggesting impulse purchases, says Mike Jones, managing partner and brand strategist with Resound Creative, a branding and marketing agency in Tempe, Arizona. “When you come into a retail space, what’s the primary objective? It’s to get someone from the door to the next step of the customer experience. The floor is a means of doing that,” he says.

Ready to get more from your floor? Think about giving these tactics a try:

1. Directions

Are customers always asking where to find a particular item or section? Use floor graphics to help them find their way in a fun and brand-relevant way, Jones says. You might use arrows on your foyer floor—this way for jewelry, that way for other accessories—or create lines that can be followed to direct customers to what they need. Looking for the men’s department? Follow the green path to get there.

2. Décor

Slick floor graphics can help enhance your brand by reinforcing your messaging. Decorative applications that match your décor can be a surprising touch that adds an element of surprise, says Sarah Pike, art director at Starr Design in Charlotte, North Carolina. Integrate your floor graphics with the rest of your interior design to carry your look onto every square inch, she says.

3. Theming

Pike suggests using colorful icons in various areas of the store to indicate the target audience for each. Looking for exercise equipment? That’s in the blue section. It’s a helpful way to direct customers, Jones says. In addition, you can use them for purchasing suggestions. For example, use images of popcorn or beverages on the floor of an arcade to suggest them to customers, she says.

4. Entertainment

Jones suggests finding places where people need to wait, such as the foyer of a restaurant or on line at a cashier. If it’s in keeping with your brand image, use floor graphics to relay fun facts, motivational quotes, or humorous sayings. Give people something to read while they’re waiting in line and you’ve improved their customer experience, even if it’s just for a few seconds, he says. Consider changing them frequently so regular customers don’t get bored.

When it comes to using floor graphics, less is usually more, Jones says. You need to use them sparingly to ensure the floor doesn’t end up looking cluttered and confusing. But with a bit of thought about how they can support your brand and serve your customer, floor graphics can be a fun and fresh addition to your overall marketing and customer engagement efforts.

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