Doubling Down: Promoting Product and Service on One Vehicle

Case Studies

One vehicle with two different wrap effects drives results for this car dealership.

The leadership team at Bill Brandt Ford, Inc. in Brentwood, California was looking for a new way to promote their dealership. A family friend recommended Tony Russomanno, owner of nearby U.S.G. Custom Graphics, which provides branded t-shirts, embroidery, and vehicle wraps, and he suggested wrapping one of the dealership’s vehicles to create an on-the-road billboard.

“Vehicle wraps were starting to get very popular in our area. Our pick-up shuttle is seen everywhere in a 30- to 45-mile radius,” says Dianna Griffin, CFO and controller of the dealership.

Creating dual personalities

The wrap was a perfect solution, but the Brandts had a twist: they wanted to promote both segments of their business on the van. One side would feature the Ford dealership, and the other side would have a completely different color scheme and sell the company’s newly opened Quicklane Lube and Tire Sales service department. The wrapped Ford Flex would be the courtesy vehicle they used to pick up customers for both the Ford dealership service department and the newly opened Quicklane service.

It was no small task to come up with two designs and find a way to make them work together. But Russomanno was an experienced pro. He chose 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive IJ180Cv3 for the body—one of his go-to materials for vehicle wraps because it’s durable and easy to work with, always providing a great outcome for the customer.

The design had two distinct color schemes—orange and yellow on the Quicklane side and blues and greys on the Ford dealership side. But how could they work together? Russomanno came up with a zipper graphic down the middle of the car, creating a fun separation between the designs. He even wrapped the vehicle trim, creating a sleek, finished look on the sport utility vehicle. On the back of the vehicle is a map and the dealership information.

“We pulled it together in about a week. I think it was the fastest turnaround we’ve ever had. And it looks great,” Russomanno says.

Paying off in multiple ways

In addition to a stunning look, the SUV is paying off in a variety of other ways, says Griffin. “It has increased calls to the dealership and helped our newly opened Quicklane facility to become number one in the nation in volume. I truly believe a good portion of this is due to the vehicle wrap, because prospective customers mention seeing the van.” In addition to acting as a moving billboard, it gives the company a professional-looking vehicle when it needs to pick up and drop off customers when their cars are being serviced at the dealership.

Griffin says they will be upgrading the vehicle soon to a newer model. While the wrap is in great shape, the rest of the vehicle has shown some wear and tear from many miles on the road. But one thing is for sure: once they have the vehicle, they’ll be working on its wrap right away, she says. “We even took the same basic concept and applied it to our parts delivery van, which delivers parts all over the Bay area. This, too, has been a great advertising tool for us.”

“It created a very huge comfort level for our customers because when the vehicle showed up, it was very obvious who was coming to get them. It was not just a strange white Flex pulling up to their front porch with a driver saying, ‘Hey I’m here to pick you up,’” she says.

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