Crawdaddy Pools’ Truck Wrap Makes a Splash

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A bold vinyl wrap made the pool service company’s truck a 24/7 selling machine

Few places in the world make a refreshing dip in the pool more welcome than the Phoenix, Arizona area. And Glendale-based Crawdaddy Pools had been keeping pools and spas in top repair for more than 40 years. But, in November 2014, owner John Crawford decided he wanted to make a bigger splash in the market, and knew he needed to put some money into his business marketing to do so.

So, Crawford went to see Jody Frego, director of operations at Fast-Trac Designs, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that specializes in vehicle wraps. Crawford had purchased truck magnets from Fast-Trac in the past and knew they did high-quality work. He had also seen some of the wraps the company did for other businesses and thought they could create a truck wrap for Crawdaddy Pools.

“After talking to him about his preferences and budget, we started looking at options. We knew we’d be able to do a partial that would work well for him,” Frego says.

The partial would include wrapping the full truck beds and the tail of the truck, as well as the back windshield, along with print cut-outs on the doors and hood. Crawford wanted to use his red crawfish logo and wanted the look to be something people really noticed. At the same time, he wanted it to be effective, clean-looking, and get his message across.

“If you’re sitting at a light somewhere and you see the truck, the main focus should be the name, what we do, and the telephone number. That’s what they’re going to take away,” he says.

Soon, Crawford was driving around town with a truck that showed off a distinctive red crawfish in a turquoise-blue pool, connecting customers immediately with his brand. And the result was beyond his expectations. Within the first week, the wrap paid for itself with the new customers it attracted. So far, it has brought in nearly $30,000 in new business. The company now has four trucks on the road and has expanded into a storefront. Crawford installed vinyl graphics in the front window that look like his truck wrap to create a uniform look for his brand. Best of all, the wrap has people talking, he says.

“Every day, I hear from customers, ‘I saw your truck.’ People take pictures of it. My wife and I took it to church one weekend, and I picked up two new customers there. It sells my business wherever I go,” he says.

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