Betting It All on Vinyl

Case Studies

A Cleveland casino finds promotional success in large-format graphics.

When Horseshoe Casino Cleveland originally opened in 2012, it was a part of Caesars Entertainment Corporation brand. The interior of the casino was decorated according to specific branding guidelines, with tones of black and gold throughout the property.

When the casino transitioned to JACK Entertainment in 2016, more lenient brand guidelines let the team, including the regional marketing operations supervisor Chrissy Siba, show a more creative side. Vibrant red hues and warm, welcoming design elements became the norm.

Siba and her team had opted for vinyl installations from the start. Doors and window installations were common, featuring seasonal messages, information about restaurants and lounges, and tips for ClubJACK members, the casino’s loyalty program. Most recently, Siba promoted discounts for members at the nearby Quicken Loans Arena, and a message about earning free parking was installed on exterior elevator doors.

Customers respond to the updated aesthetic and the useful information, which helps the casino’s service scores—a customer satisfaction metric measured by surveys, she says.

A multifaceted solution

Vinyl made sense for a variety of reasons: It was easy to maintain and change out when needed, even in the large spaces the casino needed covered. Making changes required little down time and was less expensive and generated less waste than other forms of construction or branding. And, most important, vinyl is gentle to the historic Higbee building in which the casino is located.

“We can only make certain changes to the original windows, framework, and marble. We have to be very careful that what we put in the windows can be removed without damaging any of the structure,” she says.

SpeedPro Imaging Cleveland West has worked with JACK Cleveland Casino and JACK Thistledown Racino, a sister property to the casino, from the start, developing new designs and color schemes, as well as various formats.

“We do a lot of mounted graphics, retractable banner stands, and door, window, and wall installations,” says Lori Kolenich, who owns the franchise with her husband Jeff.

Most installations use 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC for installations that will be in place for a year or more. Installations that are changed out more frequently are typically done with 3M™ Controltac™ Print Film 40C.

Whatever type of challenge JACK Casino threw their way—large formats, quick turnarounds—SpeedPro rose to the challenge, delivering high-quality installations. Soon, the Cleveland franchise became the primary graphic provider for the facility. And their willingness to collaborate with JACK Casino helps, too.

“I’m always looking for new areas of the casino to advertise on,” she says. “I bring SpeedPro in for walkthroughs and say, ‘Hey, what do you think about a message here? I don’t want to damage these columns. What can we do?’” she says. “And they work with me to figure it out.” That type of teamwork makes their partnership—and JACK Casino’s graphic promotions—a resounding success.

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