Webinar: Be a Customer Magnet: Build a Brand That Attracts

Brand Basics

Your brand is everything; everything is your brand.

It’s your front line in attracting customers. Done right, your brand tells people what you stand for, what you offer, and what your value is to them.

In “Be a Customer Magnet: Build a Brand That Attracts,” a webinar brought to you by 3M Brand You, our panel of renowned marketers will explore what it takes to develop a brand that lives as the core of everything you do and pulls prospects and customers in.

This fast-paced, interactive webinar will drill down into the subject, leaving you armed with the knowledge you need to create a brand that reflects your vision and objectives, and keeps you front-of-mind when it comes to product and service decisions. You’ll learn how your brand can become the basis for building long-term loyalty and, ultimately, fueling revenues and growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a brand on authenticity
  • How “radical transparency” supports your brand
  • Creating your brand story and language
  • Making customers the heroes of your brand story
  • How to think about your brand “holistically”

Explore simple, effective ways to build your brand and business with graphics.

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