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Peak Fitness’s creative graphics have people talking about the Illinois fitness company.

If you want a workout that gets results and you’re in the Rockford, Illinois area, you go to Peak Fitness. The two-location fitness company has a reputation for helping its customers get results. But the company also has another signature distinction: It’s head-turning vehicle wraps that can be seen all over town.

And it all started out as a lark (but turned into an effective marketing effort). In 2002, looking to shake things up a bit, Banz decided to turn his Hummer H1 into a fun, dynamic rolling billboard for his two fitness centers, based in Rockford, Illinois, and he knew he needed some help. He turned to his hometown graphics company Signs Now for help.

A Graphic Approach That Drew the Eye

Owner Tim Anderson and designer Dave Pierson created some large, vinyl images of the company’s logo for the truck. At the time, Hummers weren’t as popular as they later became, so people took note of the bright yellow vehicle with the company’s signature colors and logos on it. Customers loved seeing Banz drive around town and, when they came to the gym, they often told him that they’d seen him out on the road.

“The combination of the car and the logos really made people look,” Pierson says.

So, Banz decided that if one hot car on the road was good, two was better. He had a Ford F150 truck which he had partially wrapped with the company’s signature purple and yellow colors, followed by another Hummer—this time an H2. The cars were a common site on local roadways, getting the word out about his growing company.

Working In-House, Too

Peak Fitness also worked with Signs Now to create massive 30’ x 30’ vinyl images for the fitness centers’ walls. Pierson scoured every resource he could to find just the right images depicting the various activities in the club, like weightlifting, swimming, and cycling. The floor-to-ceiling graphics also had to be the right resolution to appear crisp and sharp. Banz says the images add a dynamic element to the fitness centers that make them unlike other gyms. Customers love them and they even help people navigate the gym, he says.

Images That Travel Well

In 2015, Banz purchased a Ford Transit cargo van that presented Pierson with a new challenge. The large cargo van was a blank canvas, and Banz wanted to use it as a mobile billboard both in the parking lots of his gyms and at events. It had to be a show-stopper.

“We would use signs at events, but when the wind blew, you either couldn’t see them or they’d be damaged. We wanted something that we could take anywhere that would really represent our brand well,” Banz says.

Pierson combined elements of his other Peak projects, including the signature colors, swirl design, and logo. It wasn’t easy to transform the bland, white van into a vehicle that got as much attention as the sporty Hummers Banz favored in earlier years, but the team at Signs Now created a vehicle wrap that does exactly that.

“People always comment on it,” Banz says. “It’s hard to say how many people joined the clubs because of it, but we hear from people that they’ve seen it, and people always notice it when we’re out at events,” he says.

The projects Banz has created in collaboration with Signs Now have given both his clubs and vehicles images that have made an impression on customers and prospects. And, because Banz has been vocal about how happy he’s been with Signs Now, the graphics company has gotten new customers from the vehicle wraps, too. Pierson advises companies interested in using vinyl wraps and graphics to show the location where the graphics will appear, share your goals, and work with the designer to create something great.

“[With these products], we can make very creative, out-of-the box images,” he says. Those images can leave lasting impressions and spread the word about your business wherever you go, he says.

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