A New Office Gets a Vibrant Vibe

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White walls and bland colors weren’t going to cut it for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County’s brand-new space. Vinyl and acrylic options brought their offices to life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County had purchased a new building in Santa Ana, California, after outgrowing its former location. And while clean, new offices are full of promise, they’re also somewhat bland—not a good look for a thriving organization that wants to be a vibrant and exciting place where children love to be. CEO Melissa Beck didn’t just want to add some bright-colored paint and call it a day, though.

“Our philosophy is that, too often, nonprofits have a scrappy, lesser-than mentality. We do such great work that should be celebrated and rewarded, and so we really wanted to build out a first-class headquarters that we could be really proud of, and that our volunteers and our families and our donors and our board would be proud of,” she says.

An attractive, inexpensive option

She had heard that the local Sir Speedy Whittier printing franchise was doing some interesting installations of printed vinyl and other materials, so she called them. They showed her the possibilities that could be achieved with mixed media that would include 3M™ graphic vinyl film and overlaminate and acrylic features. The installation would let them incorporate the graphics and bold colors in far less time and at less cost than trying to do with paint and other materials.

The project’s biggest challenge was its scope. Multiple rooms, including a cafeteria, meeting rooms, lobby area, and others would all need different concepts and designs. Sir Speedy handled the project from concept through execution, working closely with the Big Brothers Big Sisters team to make sure everything from copy to color was perfect. The cafeteria included a colorful wall with inspirational words. Another wall included a vinyl cut-out of the logo. Acrylic installations showcased beautiful photographs and tributes to donors in hallways and the organization’s “Wall of Honor.” While the design took a few months, the actual installation took just two and half days.

Beck says that everyone—donors, employees, volunteers, and especially the children—are thrilled with the look of the offices. Best of all, she says, they can continue to add or change installations affordably, which is always important for thrifty nonprofit managers.

Speakman says the relationship continues to grow. Sir Speedy is currently adding directional signs to the offices to help people find their way around easier. And the mission of creating a dynamic, beautiful environment that makes everyone feel great about the organization and the work it does with children in the community has most definitely been accomplished.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve put together. We weren’t just coming in to execute a job. It was from concept all the way through installation; we handled everything, and it’s continued to evolve,” says Dustin Speakman, a salesperson at Sir Speedy.

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