A Consistent Look Aids Towing and Growing

Case Studies

Several years ago, when Keith Fisher got a quote on painting a tow truck he had acquired for his Sherwood, Oregon-based towing company, Auto Haus Towing & Recovery, the $8,000 estimate gave him sticker shock. As he started to look around for options, he looked into vehicle wraps and was happily surprised when they were a fraction of the cost.

Striving for consistency

He turned to PDX Wraps, a graphics company in nearby Portland. Owner Casey Folk began to work with him on developing a look. One key challenge: Fisher had a variety of vehicles ranging from traditional tow trucks to larger flatbeds. Folk and his team needed to conceptualize a consistent look across all of the vehicles.

To do so, he and his team developed a color palette and a concept that included the company logo and a series of red, white, black, and grey stripes. They outlined the logo in reflective film—both because it made the company’s name pop and to add additional visibility and safety when the truck was out on the road at night, he says.

“For the digital print part, we used 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-10, which is our go-to digital print material that we use every day, and 3M™ Scotchlite™ 680CR for the reflective part of the design,” he says.

Within a few weeks, the fleet had a striking new look that was turning heads out on the road. Customers commented on the new look, and it helped his company be more visible in the market. One of the trucks—a 2000 Kenworth with more than 800,000 miles on it—recently won the 2016 Tow Times magazine Shine and Star grand prize. Altogether, he has had 16 trucks wrapped.

A range of related benefits

But the wraps also had additional benefits. First, they protected the vehicles’ paint. “The last truck I traded in was four years old and had 225,000 miles on it, and it looked brand new, adding to the trade-in value,” Fisher says. In addition, if the paint gets scratched, the wrap can be replaced in just one section without expensive body and paint repair or truck downtime.

He’s also seen another unexpected benefit: Greater trust in his company. He realizes that when he is called to a job, usually through AAA, people are typically stranded and vulnerable. Seeing the impressive, clean, and professionally branded truck gives them a feeling of security, he says. They see that he takes his business reputation seriously, and they’re more comfortable entrusting him with their vehicle.

“We had one situation where a woman and her daughter told us they were waiting to see who was coming to do the tow before they decided whether to accept a ride from us or call someone they knew to pick them up. Once they saw our vehicle and how much pride we take in it, they rode with us,” Fisher recalls. “Building that kind of trust for our company is so important in the work we do.”

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