3M Confined Space Augmented Reality App

What is a Fall Protection Configurator App? Harness the Power of Augmented Reality!

Properly addressing unique overhead anchorage and confined space entry needs can often require complex and expensive equipment. It can be challenging to visualize the correct solution before you purchase equipment. You don’t always have access to the equipment to do a set-up and see if it will work. It also takes a lot of time to see which group of products may work together and be compatible as a system.

But what if you could visually plan out the full solution without moving a single piece of physical equipment? The future is only a few clicks away.

Have You Explored the Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Technology to Help You Plan Purchases of Specialized Fall Protection Equipment?

There are now options that can allow you to visualize your solution by using augmented reality. It’s possible to select different configurations of equipment and digitally overlay them against your specific space to see if it will fit, if it is the right combination of pieces, and if it will meet the needs of your workers to help them safely accomplish the job at hand in their work environment.

There are three primary steps required in selecting the right solution that can be challenging for safety managers:

  1. Configuration and selection of the product to meet critical worksite specifications (length, width, height, etc.).
  2. Visualizing each product option to understand how this equipment will fit and interact within the worksite constraints.
  3. Effectively communicating to key decision-makers how the desired product will function, fit, and solve the challenges at hand (especially if a capital expenditure is involved).

There are augmented reality tools currently available that are designed and built to specifically address these three pain points by:

  • Leveraging built in product logic to make configuration and component selection easier.
  • Deploying augmented reality technology that enables users to visually place confined space and other types of anchorage products into their unique work environments.
  • Making it quick and easy to share product numbers, descriptions, and photo snapshots from the augmented reality experience.

Not all virtual reality or augmented reality programs are created equal. You need an app that enables you to virtually insert appropriately scaled 3D models into your particular work environment.

Check out this short video to see one of these programs in action.

3M Configurator AppFor instance, confined spaces can be extremely dangerous work environments. When a worker inside becomes incapacitated or in need of assistance, the need for proper, efficient, and effective emergency response is critical. You must make sure you have the correct anchorage systems such as davits, tripods, and other equipment that will help facilitate proper entry, exit as well as rescue, should these tasks become necessary.

Effective augmented reality configurator tools allow the user to configure what combination of products are needed for their specific confined space applications. They can then share this information with others and make adjustments to the 3D model assembled in real time based on feedback so that consensus can be reached before an expenditure is considered. This type of planning is crucial when conducting a risk assessment and planning for access, entry, and retrieval in these types of environments.

Download one of our 3M fall protection configurators today and try it for yourself. This augmented reality program is available for free on Android and iOS devices in the Apple and Google Play stores. For help selecting the appropriate fall protection equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our health and safety specialists for assistance today.

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