The Value of Advancing Workplace Safety and Health

Providing a safe workplace should be a goal for all employers. While this can entail significant investments, the value of advancing workplace safety and health is well worth it. A strong workplace culture of safety and health can enhance product quality and business reputation, help prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, and improve micro- and macro-economic indicators.

Safety and operational effectiveness do not have to be competing priorities. In fact, research indicates that establishing a safe and healthy work environment doesn’t preclude economic performance and other operational outcomes.[1] We invite you to learn more by downloading our whitepaper on the “Impact of Workplace Safety and Health on Sustainable Development” today.

Advancing Workplace Safety Can Be Beneficial for Businesses and the World

Workplace safety and health is imperative to not only help protect workers, but also to help build successful businesses, prosperous communities, and sustainable economies. There are demonstrable benefits to a workplace safety climate and culture not just for the individual worker and communities, but also for businesses and the economy indicating that a sustainable workforce can contribute to success for companies and their customers. This commitment to the investment in the safety and health of the workforce has appreciable benefits for workers, communities, businesses, and economies.

Advanced safety and health practices build stronger, more sustainable economies and support sustainable development. Promoting workers’ safety and health has many socio-economic benefits, and positive safety culture is associated with organizational performance measures directly related to sustainable development.[2]

Here are some actions that employers can take to help advance organizational workplace safety and health:

  • Begin by assessing the safety and health climate and culture at all levels of the organization;
  • Identify actionable areas to enhance the status quo;
  • Build a business case using data to demonstrate the return on investment in safety and health to influence support for implementation of new program and policies; and
  • Consider implementing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards 45001 and 9001.

National Safety Month – Advancing Safety

The theme for week four during the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month in 2021 was ‘Advance Your Safety Journey’. Just like the National Safety Council, we know ‘safety is all about continuous improvement’ and needs to happen everyday during every year. This includes looking at how to enhance safety within your company from every angle. Whether organizationally or individually, we can help provide guidance for your path forward.

Download our whitepaper today to learn more about “Impact of Workplace Safety and Health on Sustainable Development”.


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