3M Vision C5 Testimonial Firefighter Combat Challenge

Testimonial: Using the 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator to Achieve Lion’s Den Status in the Firefighter Combat Challenge

The following story is from Lianne McAuley, a firefighter with the Stone Mills Volunteer Fire Department in Ontario, Canada and a FireFit/Firefighter Combat Challenge participant, about her experience using the 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator during this competition.

“In September and November, I had the pleasure of representing Stone Mills Township Fire in two Firefighter Combat Challenges. The first in mid-September in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and the second, the World Combat Challenge XXX, in Fort Pierce, Florida.

These events challenge a firefighter’s physical strength, endurance, and mental fortitude, and is arguably the toughest competition in sports. Months and months of training for many — and in my case years — were required to meet the needs to compete in this sport.

Notwithstanding that I was entering my first year of competing on the Combat Challenge course, I set the goal of achieving the ‘Lion’s Den’ status in my individual race. The Lion’s Den status recognizes ‘outstanding athletes who have distinguished themselves on the course,’ ‘who have posted times that place them at the top of the sport.’ At the age of 57, I recognized that my time to achieve this status may be dwindling. With COVID restrictions applied, to compete for Lion’s Den, you have to be on air, so I made arrangements with Steve Rittenhouse, 3M Scott Fire Specialist, to borrow a facepiece. Steve provided me with the 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator and noted that some adaptations to improve visibility and breathability had been made. 

After an earlier disqualification for dropping the baton, I had one more opportunity to achieve Lion’s Den [status], and as luck would have it, it was rainy and windy and fatigue from three days of competition was emerging. With all these present, excellence in equipment is paramount.  

3M Vision C5 SCBA Firefighter Combat Challenge

Throughout this grueling race, and while my body was demanding maximized oxygen needs, I found it easier to meet these demands with the Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator. This facepiece was notably easier to breathe in, was significantly more comfortable and offered increased visibility for optimal performance of these grueling tasks. 

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with the recent adaptation to the Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator. This facepiece provided me with a snug/comfortable fit, was notably easier to breathe in, and offered a clear and increased visibility of my surroundings and tasks. 

Having the best gear was instrumental in my ability to obtain ‘Lion’s Den’ [status] on November 5, 2021, and arguably the Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator is the best gear.


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