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OSHA Walking-Working Standards: The Time for Training is Now

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Training, training, training – As a health and safety professional, you are responsible for ensuring your employees return home safe each night. Training is a constant part of protecting your work force and your company’s integrity.…

As you probably know, effective January 17, 2017, the new OSHA Walking Working final rule adds requirements that employers ensure workers who use personal fall protection and work in other specified high hazard situations receive training. This training has to include a combination of classroom study and practical hands-on instruction specifically as it relates to “installing, inspecting, operating, maintaining, and disassembling the personal fall protection systems.”

To adhere to these changes and have a thorough awareness of the issues involved involves fall protection, specifically on the new changes to OSHA Walking Working Surfaces 1910 standard. We also be offer:

  • Dropped objects demonstrations
  • Truck demonstration: 3M’s fall protection specialist will be on hand to conduct a demonstration on the forces generated in a fall and to review the “A, B, C, D’s of fall protection
  • Rescue demonstrations for falls from heights
  • Free E-A-R fit testing

All participants will have the opportunity to see the latest in PPE safety equipment ranging from respiratory to fall protection, experience our training facilities and take home a few free items. You should also evaluate your current inventory to see if there are items you can trade-in and trade-up!

Additionally, we will have 3M technical and training specialists on hand to answer any questions you might have about safety equipment, industry standards/regulations, and how to take advantage of our training center to help train your workers.