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Have You Heard: What’s Your Favorite Sound and Why?

3M “Have You Heard?” aims to ask people from around the world why their hearing matters to them.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – To help people avoid noise-induced hearing loss, 3M has launched a social campaign called “Have You Heard?”, which aims to get people thinking about the sounds around them that matter the most. “Have You Heard?”was designed as a social campaign to help us start conversations about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). We acknowledge that loud noises can harm our hearing, and we understand the tremendous benefits of wearing hearing protection. But what we want to know is why this is important to you. We want you to be fans of the sounds around us.

Here are some responses from around the world to the question:

“What’s your favorite sound and why?”

3m humans of hearing stephanie
Stephanie, United States

“My favorite sound in the world is the purring of my kitties, Pepe and Felix. They love to purr when they cuddle at night and first thing when I wake up in the morning. Makes it really hard to get out of bed.”

3m humans of hearing vindhya
Vindhya, Sri Lanka

“”My favorite sound is the waves of the ocean in the night.”

3m humans of hearing hermes
Hermes, Costa Rica

“I love the sounds of nature; the birds, rain, wind, and so on.”

3m humans of hearing anne marie
Anne Marie, Brazil

“My favorite sound is my daughter’s voice.” 

Our goal is to create awareness for NIHL and provide a glimpse into the lives of people from around the world. Stay tuned for more highlights of the hearing of humans, just like you. For more information or for instruction on how to submit your own story, visit

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