All Virtual Reality Training is Not Created Equal

As training evolves, more and more people are looking to supplement their traditional training methods with virtual reality (VR) training modules. What are the benefits of virtual reality? Check out some of the benefits of VR in this blog we recently wrote. But, before you invest in VR, it is important to know that all VR is not created equal. When considering a VR investment you need to have the right hardware and software that will support your goals and provide an experience that is enjoyable for your workers.


In order to have a smooth VR experience, you need to have the right hardware. First, it is imperative that you have a high refresh rate graphics card. You also need to make sure that the headset you are using is high-quality and has a resolution and refresh rate of 90 Hz. Are the VR tools like the handsets sensors ones that can withstand repeated use?


The VR program should have a high-resolution graphics design. Nothing is worse than trying to navigate a VR program that is choppy and can cause eye strain, headaches or motion sickness. You want an immersive environment that allows you to move smoothly through the module as if it were a real environment. The frame rate should be at least 90 frames per second (fps) in each eye. Also, real VR today should have you in a first-person role and not as a third-person spectator.

The quality of the environment that has been created is also crucial. Shadows, scale, animation and other factors should be realistic. If there is a falling component or a height aspect, is it realistic? Are the training modules asking questions and creating situations that are plausible and test actual necessary skills?

Always make sure that your software is compatible with the hardware you have. You should update either as needed and appropriate.

Goals of VR

When quality VR is used it can lead to helping organizations:
• Influence worker behavior, change certain practices
• Reduce illness and injury rates
• Drive safety culture
• Supplement other types of training
• Meet compliance goals

VR is new and exciting for many workers. This engaging new style of training can help reinvigorate the workforce so they can continue to improve their skill set. However, the VR experience must be one that is fluid, engaging and performs well. The modules must be accurate and the hardware must work so that it is easy for the user to navigate without interruption.

This video demonstrates the power of using virtual reality for training purposes. It is best viewed with Google Cardboard or VR goggle.

Remember, not all VR is created equal. Before you invest in VR as a method of training, make sure you are selecting the right hardware and software for your needs. To learn more about safety VR that is available, check out these mobile VR demos we have available. Take your training to the next level today.