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Introducing the Safety Now & Next Blog

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Welcome to 3M Safety Now & Next, a 3M Blog dedicated to Worker Health & Safety.

We listened to our customers, and they were clear that they wanted relevant, easy-to-understand information on worker safety topics, training & technical resources, and regulatory news. This blog is one of the ways we hope to connect with our customers and the workers we strive to help to keep safe, and to offer better access to our technical resources and services, as well as our catalog of leading-edge personal safety products.

3M Safety Now & Next
As you have already seen, we have also redesigned our 3M Worker Health & Safety website to provide a comprehensive, mobile friendly experience. In addition to the Safety Now & Next Blog, we have also expanded our website to include additional resources for companies, safety professionals, and workers to easily find and understand options to help protect worker health and safety.

For instance, we have added:

  • Industry Pages to help companies better understand specific applications, hazards, and solutions for industries such as Construction, Food Manufacturing, and Metalworking.
  • 3M Safety Centers of Expertise to help businesses of all sizes understand safety regulations and assist them in developing programs to help protect employees
  • Updated 3M Personal Safety Catalog to help users explore the full breadth of 3M’s Industrial Products

Please also follow us on social media for continuous updates and information links. If there are industrial health and safety topics you are interested in learning more about, please let us know.

Thank you, and we welcome you to the community.