Balancing Hearing Protection with Hearing and Communication Needs

In this episode, Eric Fallon joins co-hosts Mark Reggers and Laurie Wells to discuss a common challenge: how to hear important sounds in the work environment while being protected from hazardous sound. Eric is a technical specialist with the 3M Personal Safety Division supporting protective communication hearing protectors. He holds a Doctor of Audiology degree and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army. Tune in to learn more about understanding how fluctuating and intermittent noise can affect hearing protector use and about technologies that allow sound to be audible while protecting the worker from hazardous sound.

The Science of Safety Podcast is presented by the 3M Personal Safety Division. This is a podcast that is curious about the science and systems behind workplace health and safety with a focus on personal protective equipment (or PPE) used to help keep workers healthy and safe.