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The key to inspiration: make it personal

August 4, 2020

This 3M technical director wants his children – and you – to make it home safely tonight. That’s what drives his team to continually improve the cutting-edge technologies in reflective materials.

Creating the world’s most advanced reflective materials to help keep people safer in dark or hazardous conditions requires more than continuous innovation, collaboration and real-world testing.

At 3M, it requires a deep commitment to protecting lives and making communities better in places where we live and work.

“My personal purpose is to use 3M Science to help improve the quality of life,” says Cordell Hardy, a technical director at 3M. His team works to ensure that 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material provides industry-leading brightness and visibility to every product that utilizes it — whether it’s a firefighter’s coat, a construction worker’s vest or a running jacket.

In his 16 years at 3M, Hardy has never been satisfied with simply creating reflective products that exceed performance expectations and set new standards in comfort, breathability and durability. “I need to know that I’m making a difference in somebody’s life, whether I know them personally or not,” he says, noting that being a father has made this even more vital to him. “As a parent, I know the importance of getting home safely to see my loved ones.”

“As a parent, I know the importance of getting home safely to see my loved ones.”

Cordell Hardy, 3M Technical Director

While 3M scientists have been pioneers in these reflective materials for almost 70 years, continuing to advance this technology to help safeguard lives remains their singular goal. “In my view, you have to know that your life has benefited people around you, such as your family and your community,” says Hardy. “When your work is centered around improving the safety of others, it’s easy to be inspired.”

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