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3M Open – Sport and Science, Bringing us Back Together.

July 19, 2020

Sports and 3M Science give us all an opportunity to come together in the pursuit of excellence. And as we all begin to re-enter a changed world, 3M Science is making a difference in how we can come together in a COVID-19 environment.

science of return: man in safety gear painting white stripes

The stories. The drama. The determination. The never-been-done-before… These are some of the reasons we love sport.

Sports connect us in ways few things can, bringing excitement to our everyday lives. With sporting seasons on hold since March 2020, fans everywhere have been longing for their return.

Unfortunately, even as we see some athletes return to our screens, the reality of bleachers full of roaring spectators may still be far-off as the pandemic dictates a new normal for public spaces.

This is where great minds in the field of science come in.

Just as 3M Science is playing a role in making your golf club’s grips better and advancing clubs to hit truer, they are also playing a crucial role in bringing you back to public spaces safely.

As July approached, the organizers of the 3M Open Golf Tournament knew it was critical to implement enhanced safety measures to help keep the PGA TOUR players, caddies, volunteers, and other personnel healthy. As luck would have it, tournament organizers were able to turn to 3M Science to help keep player and event staff safety top of mind.

3M™ Advanced Flexible Reflective Sheeting on Traffic Barrels at 3M Open

From social distancing awareness to sanitization and hygiene, measures being implemented during the 3M Open are also able to help ensure a return to spaces of all sorts–from airports to offices, campuses to nursing homes.

Staying safer together by remembering to stay apart

One of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19? Keeping space between you and others in combination with other preventative actions. With getting out and about a necessity for many people, remembering to do so through effective social distancing is an area 3M can help.

3M graphics at 3M Open

Whether picking up curbside meals or groceries or standing at the bus stop, 3M is helping make social distancing the default, using technologies from unexpected places. Originally designed by 3M to make roads safer for drivers, road safety solutions like pavement markings and reflective sheeting are turning guest congestion into smoother experiences in the new COVID-19 environment. 3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Series 7300, seen on the right at the 3M Open, will allow local safety officials and event organizers to manage traffic zones with eye-catching traffic control devices and signage that enhances visibility, day and night.

masks are required, 3M Graphics at 3M Open

When reopening in the new COVID-19 environment, businesses are seeking tools to help them communicate the need for social distancing and health and safety measures inside their spaces. 3M and HP announced a new collaboration that can help businesses do just that. From floor and carpet graphics for social distancing and wayfinding to custom window signs or decals, businesses can now get ready-made design elements on the 3M Graphics COVID-19 Related Signage library for HP.

By creatively applying these products in new ways that reshape streets and parking lots, curb spaces and event lines, organizers can provide a way for the public to attend events and public spaces while taking the recommended precautions and supporting businesses in our communities.

A cleaner and safer environment at every step

It is important now more than ever to have safety and cleanliness as a priority. Designed for use by healthcare professionals as a hand antiseptic to provide rapid, bacterial kill in health care settings, while also being gentle on the skin, 3M™ Avagard™ D Hand Hygiene Solutions will be seen across the 3M Open course to enable quick access to effective hand sanitization.

3M™ Clean-Trace™ in use

But the cleanliness of what you touch is just as important as the hands you touch it with. That’s where 3M™ Disinfectants, and cleaning tools, come into play. Helping to make visiting stores, offices and events, possible again.

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface ATP Test

And we all need to eat. Which is where 3M Food Safety solutions are helping the 3M Open ensure food served to players, staff, and volunteers at the tournament is prepared safely, with solutions that help monitor and maintain a high standard of environmental cleanliness. Being used at the 3M Open is the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System which is used to rapidly verify that the standards of hygiene and sanitation have been done effectively. The system is currently used across businesses, including food manufacturing and health care locations, to help ensure a clean environment for all.

Sport and Science, Bringing us Back Together

Sports and 3M Science give us all an opportunity to come together in the pursuit of excellence. And as we all begin to re-enter a changed world, 3M Science is making a difference in how we can come together in a COVID-19 environment.

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