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3M Technologies and Network Infrastructure Solutions

3M has technologies that have been instrumental in developing shielding, grounding and absorbing products intended primarily for helping improve the performance of mobile handheld devices.  More recently, our Electronics Materials Solutions Division (EMSD), has begun adopting them to help networks address problems in the Network Infrastructure market segment.  These applications are early in their development but should be available soon as commercial products.

Transparent Antennas

Antennas with low visual profile or Transparent Antennas can help provide the ubiquitous connectivity networks require to implement 5G networks, while minimizing aesthetic compromises for in-building high-end venues or outdoor locations.  3M has adapted technology developed for touch-screen sensors to create a low-resistivity 3M™ Transparent Conductor Film solution for use in creating transparent antennas.  This film has been successfully used by networks to prepare high power, low PIM, low VSWR transparent antenna designs.  Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Thermally Conductive mmWave Absorbers

These hybrid absorbers are needed to control mmWave EMI in devices, while also providing a high thermal conductivity path for removing heat from critical components in those devices.  This need applies in systems including mmWave antennas, repeaters, and radar, and for components like Optical Transceivers that use mmWave signals to support 4G/5G core and radio access network connectivity.  3M™ High Thermal Conductivity mmWave Absorber can be provided in a wide range of resin systems, including silicone, polyethylene, hot-melt resins, and nylon.  It can come in soft film, hard film, putty or grease formats.  Thermal conductivity depends somewhat on the resin used, but is typically between 3 and 6 W/m-K.  These materials have been effective across the range of 20 GHz to 80 GHz, with virtually no limit to applicable frequency range as yet encountered.

External PIM

With 5G infrastructure build-out and networks looking to deliver the next generation of wireless experience and connectivity — it’s crucial to reduce signal interference as much as possible. 3M has developed EMI solutions in electronics that help you reduce noise throughout your 5G infrastructure, so you can deliver a better connection to your customers.

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