Understanding External PIM: Radiated vs. Conducted

Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known source of noise for the wireless industry. But do you know the difference between conducted and radiated PIM? While both come from external sources and can have a huge impact on your system, conducted PIM is consistently overlooked. Discover the difference, why it matters and how to deal with conducted PIM.

7 FAQs About 3M Solutions for Transparent Antennas

5G is here. And it’s powerful. Network operators are densifying their networks to provide additional capacity and support future use cases. Antennas are increasing in number, complexity and size to support new spectrum allocations.[1] And in many cases, network operators, tenants and facilities managers will value inconspicuousness — antennas that are not easily seen in a lobby, a conference room or a terminal while enabling constant high-speed connectivity. Several months ago, 3M hosted a webinar with The International Wireless Industry Consortium on “Transparent Antennas for 5G Infrastructure Applications” outlining some of our latest solutions to balancing inconspicuousness with performance. 3M™ Transparent