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  • Scotch-Brite™ Rapid Cut Unitized Wheel RC-UW, 1/4 in width, 9C XCS+
  • Scotch-Brite™ Rapid Cut Unitized Wheel RC-UW, 1/4 in width, 9C XCS+

    3M ID 61000060352
    • High cut rate
    • Superior durability
    • Smooth running
    • Easy attachment
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    Attribute Name
    Attachment Type
    Center Hole
    Form Type
    Extra Coarse
    Aerospace, Metalworking, Transportation & Heavy Equipment
    Mineral Type
    Product Form
    Sub Industries
    Metal Fabrication, Turbine Engines
    Product Details
    • High cut rate
    • Superior durability
    • Smooth running
    • Easy attachment

    Utilizes 3M patented Precision Shaped Grain technology for higher cutting and durability performance in deburring and blending applications.

    Good for Deburring and Blending
    The Scotch-Brite™ Roloc™ Rapid Cut Unitized Wheel utilizes 3M Precision Shaped Grain (PSG) technology for exceptional cut rate and durability in heavy deburring and blending operations. Precision Shaped Grain utilizes super-sharp points and edges that slice cleanly through metal like a knife, rather than plowing as traditional abrasives do, ensuring extended high performance in heavy-duty applications.

    PSG coats the nonwoven fibers of our Scotch-Brite Rapid Cut Wheels to provide you with the highest level of productivity. These wheels deburr and smooth the edges of all types of metal at top speed, even where heat sensitivity is an issue. The unitized, high-density construction of non-woven fibers allows our toughest and hardest-working abrasive to work where you need it to, while producing a consistent finish from one part to the next.

    The Roloc™ Advantage
    For added productivity, our wheels also offer a Roloc™ threaded attachment that provides easy changeouts between steps on portable tools. The Roloc system allows for the use of both the edge and surface of the wheel without interruption of mounting hardware. 3M™ Roloc™ TR quick change discs are smaller discs that have a plastic threaded button or screw designed to easily and quickly screw onto a Roloc™ TR disc pad (sold separately) so that operators can conveniently change discs with a simple twist-off, twist-on motion. The Roloc TR system provides a secure attachment even for heavy-duty applications, and the variety of available 3M Roloc discs allows swapping from one application to the next in seconds.

    Scotch-Brite™ Engineering
    Scotch-Brite™ is a unique product engineered with non-woven fibers that are coated with abrasive mineral. Combining abrasives with the fibers creates an abrasive system that offers increased durability and delivers consistent results over the life of the product. These products are equally well-suited for cleaning, blending, deburring, finishing and polishing. Scotch-Brite products help prevent undercutting or gouging through their controlled abrasive action. They provide consistent, uniform finishes because fresh abrasive is continuously exposed to the work surface. Furthermore, these abrasive work horses run cool and resist loading with their open web construction, reducing the risk of part discoloration and warping and extending the life of the disc.