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  • 3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape 5925F
  • 3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape 5925F

    3M ID DT592500169
      • High strength
      • Durable
      • Clean appearance
      • High aging resistance
      Adhesive Type
      Modified Acrylic
      Foam Type
      Very Conformable
      Appliance, Construction, Electronics, General Industrial, Metalworking, Signage, Transportation
      Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
      149 Degree Celsius
      NPVI Mktg
      Overall Length (Metric)
      33 m
      Overall Width (Metric)
      16 mm
      Product Colour
      Podrobnosti izdelka
      • High strength
      • Durable
      • Clean appearance
      • High aging resistance
      • Creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and more
      • High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress
      • Eliminate drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and clean-up
      • Allows the use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials

      3MTM VHBTM Acrylic Foam Tape 5925 is a double coated pressure sensitive adhesive tape for bonding a wide variety of substrates including lower surface energy materials such as powder coated paints and plastics.

      Bonds high, medium and medium/low surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance.

      Predlagane aplikacije

      • Bond panel to frame
      • Bond stiffener to panel
      • Bond of decorative material, trim, attachments
      • Bond of nameplates, logos and signs
      • Bond electronic displays
      • Bond lens window to housing