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  • 3M™ ESPE™ Express™ VPS Impression Material Light Body/Regular Set Refill Pack (EE/LA/APAC)
  • 3M™ ESPE™ Express™ VPS Impression Material Light Body/Regular Set Refill Pack (EE/LA/APAC)

    Kataloška številka 73023M ID 70201036590
    Impression Type
    Product Type
    Setting Time
    Regular Set
    TDS Required
    Regular Body

    Refill pack includes 2-50ml Light Body/Regular Set cartridges (green) and 10 Garant™ Mixing Tips (yellow). Express VPS impression material combines accurate, reliable results and convenient delivery with the easy-to-use Garant™ Dispenser.



    (bul)Crown and bridge impressions.

    (bul)Inlay and onlay impressions.


    (bul)The first vinyl polysiloxane automix system used worldwide: for over twenty years, dentists who prefer a hand-mixed putty system have relied on Express impression material to deliver accurate, reliable results.

    (bul)Offers technique flexibility, which gives dentists the freedom to use either the two-step or simultaneous putty-wash technique.

    (bul)Express™ STD Putty mixes easily without streaking.

    (bul)The thixotropic Express wash material, which is available in three formulations to meet all procedural needs and viscosity preferences, flows freely yet stays on the preparation without slumping.

    (bul)Precise detail reproduction.

    (bul)Good dimensional stability.

    (bul)Excellent elastic recovery.

    (bul)No taste or smell.

    (bul)Excellent tear resistance.

    (bul)Multiple pour capability.

    Garant™ 1:1/2:1 Dispenser benefits:

    (bul)The addition of the Garant dispenser makes Express impression material even easier for dentists to dispense and use.

    (bul)Virtually eliminates the frustration of plugged cartridges.

    (bul)Dual-port cartridge minimizes the risk of cross contamination.

    (bul)Cartridges and mixing tips are color-coded for easy use. Additionally, the design of the mixing tip allows faster and easier mixing while reducing waste up to 35%.

    (bul)Fine intraoral tip offers precise access and easy material application.

    (bul)Completely steam autoclavable.

    (bul)Adding to its convenience, the Garant dispenser can be used confidently with all 3M ESPE syringeable impression materials.


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