Healthcare Safety & PPE Information for Nurses, Doctors and Staff of Hospitals

Find information on PPE selection, respirator fit and fit testing, and other educational resources for key healthcare workplace hazards.

PPE for health care industry
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While maintaining the health and safety of healthcare workers has always been essential, your staff are more concerned than ever about their health and safety on the job.

With today's changing expectations, you need a partner you can count on—3M.

Your staff, patients and facility all benefit from implementing a comprehensive health and safety program

Developing a comprehensive plan starts with thinking critically about workplace hazards throughout the entire healthcare facility

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    For your staff
    • Help reduce risk of exposure
    • Help improve employee engagement and morale
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    For your patients
    • Help ensure quality of care
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    For Your Facility
    • Help foster resiliency
    • Help maintain productivity

Respirators, protective eyewear & goggle options for common hazards

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Fostering an effective health and safety program includes a proactive approach to identifying and controlling hazards.

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Training and education information for respiratory protection

Center of Respiratory Protection

Information to help train and educate your team, created by 3M product application specialist and trainers.

  • Difference between Mask and Respirator
    Mask vs. Respirator

    In both function and fit, surgical masks and disposable respirators are very different from each other.

    Learn more about the differences.

    Read the blog

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    Respirator selection

    Our online disposable respirator and PAPR product selector lets you find a respirator suitable based on the selections you make.

    Find my respirator

    These PDF selection guides are useful for the team on location.

    Download selection guide (PDF, 1.03 MB)

  • illustration of quantitative and qualitative fit test
    Respirator fit and fit testing

    Find more information on fit testing your team, qualitative and quantitative fit testing, and the importance of respirator fit.

    Fit Testing

  • PPE Health Care training
    Respiratory program template

    This example template includes the components identified by OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.134 (PDF, 310 KB) for a written respiratory protection program.

    Download the template (PDF, 684 KB)