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3M™ DBI –SALA® Linemen Belts and Climbing Devices

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Born to Climb. Built for Safety.

  • Students and Instructors at Lineworker Schools who purchase a 3M™ DBI –SALA® Seat-Belt™ are elible to receive a 3M DBI –SALA Cynch-Lok Fall Restriction Device FREE with registration! Free device available through December 31, 2018.

Fall Protection for Wood Pole Climbing

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How to Claim your 3M Cynch-Lok Fall Restriction Device

  • Claim your 3M Cynch-Lok Fall Restriction Device
    1. Purchase a qualifying Seat-Belt 4D Lineman Belt from an authorized distributor.
    2. Go to: www.3Medge.com and click "Register."
    3. Enter program ID: PSE101.
    4. Click on "Claims."
    5. Follow on-screen instructions to upload your Seat-Belt 4D Lineman Belt proof of purchase
    6. For questions, email info@3Medge.com or call 800-934-5474 and reference this promotion.

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