3M Eyewear Fit System

Thank you for your recent request for a 3M™ Eyewear Fit System for Protective Eyewear, FS200.

  • This toolkit and methodology enables a measured evaluation of fit that can be conducted without the involvement of an optician.

    Attached is the 3M™ Eyewear Fit System Procedure Protocol and Fit System Evaluation Form.

    Download 3M™ Eyewear  Fit System Procedure Protocol

    Download 3M™ Eyewear Fit System Evaluation Form 

    Uncomfortable and improperly fitting eyewear is less likely to be worn, thereby increasing the risk of exposure to eye-related injuries. An assessment merely on the size and adjustment features of a given piece of eyewear is not always adequate to determine the best fit. The 3M™ Eyewear Fit System, utilizing the Coverage and Gap Gauge tools, will help assess four elements of protective eyewear fit:

    1.  View
    Wearer should be able to see in all directions of eye rotation without major obstruction to the field of view. The eyewear frame should not interfere withvisibility to do work tasks.

    2.  Security
    The eyewear stays in place on the head and the frame should not fall off when wearer bends over.

    3.  Coverage
    The wearer should have coverage from the brow to cheek bone as well as lateral coverage to help protect the soft tissues of the eye.

    4.  Gaps
    There should be minimal gap between eyewear and the wearer’s face. There should be no clear path for a flying projectile to proceed through the eyewear gap to the wearer’s eyes. For goggles there should be no visible gap.

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