• Announcements affecting Virtua CCS product line

    September 10, 2015

    Announcements affecting Virtua CCS product line


    We have three important announcements affecting our very successful Virtua CCS product line, please share with your customers ASAP.

    1. First is that we have finally created a SKU for the Foam Gasket to be sold as an accessory, many of you had requested this, so I hope this serves as another tool to strengthen sales of this model. The inventory is on order and will arrive within 60 days. I will give you notice when it arrives, but wanted to inform you of this addition.

    2. Second, we have a New Virtua CCS video. This video was created to help you promote the features of the eyewear to new potential customers. This is loaded to imSmart, so please sync or update your iPad. If you don't see it, it might be at the end of the videos since it starts with a "V".

    3. The global team has decided to remove the plugs from all the Virtua CCS SKUs (non-foam version.) This is a global change. The plugs were considered a promotional item that will no longer be provided. This decision was also supported by the fact that we promote the EARfit system for every worker to choose their own and most appropriate hearing protection so it is not fully "correct" for us to provide a single type of plug. So from now on, NO Virtua CCS SKUS include the plugs.

    The hardest part of this change is that there are NO new SKUs or part numbers, so there is no easy way to track when a customer receives product with no plugs, even in our own warehouse. Distributors do not have to change anything in their systems, but help us spread the news to end users.

    The first orders of our DC with the lens and no plugs have already shipped, so the change is effective immediately.

    I absolutely understand this change might upset some customers, and we are ready to do everything we need to compensate for any trouble.

    Some options available to you are:
    - Provide free plugs to end users for a period of time (please establish it first). Please contact me to execute.
    - Send our Ear Plug Line Card and promote EARfit system trials (line card attached)
    - Provide end user contact information through our inside sales team and we will send a bag of samples of push-to-fit ear plugs (see flyer attached)
    - Set up a call with me and distributors or end users that need special attention (angry/product returns/other compensation needed)

    Best regards,
    Javiera Troncoso
    US Marketing Manager, Head, Eye, Face and Welding Protection

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