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Products that work as hard as you do. From the most basic to the most specialized needs, 3M offers the health and safety protection you and your workers need most, so everyone can perform at their best.

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    3M supports the United Nations International Day of Epidemic Preparedness.

    On December 27, the United Nations International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, we invite all key stakeholders to work with national and international health authorities and health providers to assure a sustainable PPE stockpile program is in place.

  • 3M is committed to supporting the public health and government response to the coronavirus outbreak and is ramping up production globally.

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  • From identifying hazards to providing education and training, 3M can help you get your job done and get your workers back home through the science of safety.

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  • Our online and in-person training can work with your busy schedule to help you solve your PPE challenges.

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  • Weather conditions can cause significant flooding. Floods offer safety challenges relative to cleaning, remediation, recovery, restoration, and rebuilding of residential and commercial property. Consult 3M's tools and resources for learning more about personal safety in hurricane and flood hazards and clean-up.

  • Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the aftermath of a wildfire is a critical component in the safe cleanup of fire debris.

  • Tornadoes and earthquakes present both common hazards and those unique to each type of natural disaster. Both can present logistical challenges affecting initial response and recovery. These may include loss of electrical power, poor communication capabilities and interrupted or compromised water supply. Addressing these needs quickly will facilitate response efforts and the ability to protect the health and safety of victims and response workers.

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  • Are you buried under paper checklists and looking for an easier way to manage documentation of your safety and equipment inspections? Or maybe you need a solution to help you keep track of high value tools and equipment on your job site? Register today!

  • The Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA was designed to meet the new requirements outlined in the 2018 edition of the NFPA 1981 and 1982 standards and to exceed customer expectations for what an SCBA should be.

  • 3M Worker Health & Safety Blog
    Safety Now & Next: A Worker Health and Safety Blog

    Introducing the Safety Now & Next blog. This blog is one of the ways we hope to connect with our customers and the workers we strive to help to keep safe, and to offer better access to our technical resources and services, as well as our catalog of leading-edge personal safety products.

  • 3M Center for Hearing Conservation
    Safety Centers of Expertise: Hearing Conservation

    Your hearing conservation program starts here. With world-class, proven detection, protection, communication and validation products, 3M Hearing Solutions is the partner you'll want with you every step of the way.

    Visit our Center for Hearing Conservation!

    Need Respiratory Guidance? Visit our Center for Respiratory Protection!

  • Customer Testimonials
    Customer Testimonials

    Hear from customers in high-hazard and high-risk industries talk about the 3M™ Adflo™ PAPR System. This system didn’t just change how workers were protected — it changed the way they worked. From welders on the floor to the Director of Health and Safety, you’ll hear exactly why the system was a game-changer and how to demo a system at your facility.

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    Safety and Health Support On The Go

    3M can help support your safety needs wherever you are with our collection of mobile apps and tools.

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    At 3M, we believe that access to personal protective equipment from a brand you know and trust should be available 24/7. That’s why you can now make immediate purchases from a wide variety of 3M PPE products with a credit card directly online.

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    Alert - 3M Completes Sale of Gas and Flame Detection Business

    3M announced today that it has completed the sale of its gas and flame detection business to Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.

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  • As you probably know by now in March 2016, OSHA launched the Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Regulation (29 CFR 1926.1153). The new regulation states that employers in the construction industry are expected to continue to take steps either to come into compliance with the new permissible exposure limit or to implement specific dust controls for certain operations.

  • It’s a key part for OSHA Construction Silica compliance to ensure you have a competent person on site, but you may be wondering what it takes to be a competent person as required by the new standard.

  • Have you taken the necessary steps to comply with the new OSHA silica standard?

  • It is estimated that more than 2.3 million workers in the United States are potentially exposed to dust containing crystalline silica — with nearly 90% of those workers employed in the construction industry. However, you still may not be clear on the details of the silica regulation and what it means for your team.

  • June 09, 2017

    Stand Up to Falls: Learn the ABCD’s of Fall Protection

    A fall at work can be terrible. But, a fall from heights in the midst of an already dangerous job can be devastating. Do you know how to properly inspect your fall protection gear to ensure it is secure, compliant with OSHA regulations and comfortable?

    June 09, 2017 Stand Up to Falls: Learn the ABCD’s of Fall Protection Stand Up to Falls: Learn the ABCD’s of Fall Protection
  • May 04, 2017

    OSHA Requirements and Regulations Change: Time to Trade in Old Equipment

    A major thing to keep in mind while you are training is to evaluate your inventory to make sure it’s up to date with all the new OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces requirements as well as other regulatory changes you may be subject to.

    May 04, 2017 OSHA Requirements and Regulations Change: Time to Trade in Old Equipment OSHA Requirements and Regulations Change: Time to Trade in Old Equipment
  • June 15, 2017

    Headsets That Work as Hard as You Do

    PELTOR headsets are designed to meet this challenge by providing protective communication solutions that workers can rely on.

    June 15, 2017 Headsets That Work as Hard as You Do Headsets That Work as Hard as You Do
  • September 22, 2016

    How to Fit, Wear, and Inspect your Fall Protection Gear

    In this article, which first appeared in CoatingsPro Magazine in the May 2016 issue, authors Mark Caldwell and Tim Thompson address the importance of using fall protection equipment—for people and for tools—properly.

    September 22, 2016 How to Fit, Wear, and Inspect your Fall Protection Gear How to Fit, Wear, and Inspect your Fall Protection Gear

  • At 3M, we work hard to deliver the most effective PPE safety solutions available.

    One of 3M's passions is protecting the health and safety of workers in all types of industries and work environments. This passion drives us to continually innovate across technologies, disciplines and industries, to help keep you and your workers safe and protected.

    We strive to deliver comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment (PPE). You can buy 3M Worker Health & Safety PPE, confident in the knowledge that 3M is working hard to provide products that your employees will feel good about wearing.